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Coverly of Moorfields

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This site explores the families of the Coverlys of Moorfields and the McLellans of Fortingall.

Visitors are welcome to view basic information of birth, marriage and death found in the combined tree using an anonymous login, "guest", password "guest" - both are case sensitive. But we hope that you will request a login and enjoy more of the rich details of the families.

A new tree, Brookins, also allows guest access, using anonymous login, "Brookins", password "guest"
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Latest News
7 Aug 2013 - Y DNA testing linked Donegal Brookins to Brooking family of Devon and Cornwall.

25 Jun 2013 - A Coverly Family Finder DNA project started at If you are descended within 6 generations from any Coverly from the London area, please join us!

6 Apr 2013 - Brookins of Moville tree started. This is a separate public tree. Information about the people and families would be welcome!

21 Mar 2013 - Emery of Newbury tree started.

24 Feb 2013 - Photos, and a few new names, added to the Coverly tree, and a new tree, McLellan of Fortingall started.

3 Jan 2013 - Additional names & families added. Some data clean up concerning citations for census pages and associated text transcription, and place names (a work in progress).

1 Dec 2012 - Open to visitors, but still tweaking. Registration is free.

Nov 2011 - Site inception, but not open to visitors while the database was brought up to date..

Overview of the Coverly Family

Overview of the McLellan Family