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Individual|Birth Year|Birth Place|Death Year|Death Place
Abbie M (Peverly)|1844|Illinois||
Alice or Eliza? (Thomas)|1855|,,England||
Amanda (Gjesdal)|1888|Norway||
Ann (Coverly)||||
Ann Maria (Freeman)||||
Annie (Longman)|1827|New York||
Belle (Hector)|1899|Kansas||
Betty (Coverly)||||
Catharine (Emery)||||
Catherine (McLellan)|1826|Perth, Perthshire, Scotland|1892|Perth, Ontario, Canada
Dorothy K (Ransom)|1882|||
Dorothy W (Weihe)|1907|||
Eleanor (Grantham)||||
Elizabeth (Coverly)||||
Elizabeth (Hector)|1872|,,Georgia, USA||
Elizabeth (Hunt)|1799|Surrey Lambeth
Elizabeth (Tilley)||
Elizabeth (Walton)||
Elizabeth (Walton)|1801|Cumberland, Dalston
Ellen (McLellan)|1857|Indiana
Elspet (McLellan)||
Emma (Mitchell)|1852|,,England
Ethel (McLellan)|1888|Michigan
Eunice (Galbreath)|1899|
G Matilda (Rock)|1844|KY USA
Gertrude (Johnson)|1903|Wisconsin
Grace (Cock)||
Grace (Stephens)||
Hannah (Isaac)||
Harriet (Hanley)|1828|Torquay, Devon, England
Henrrietta (Emery)|1847|,,WI, USA
Jane (Young)||||
John William Davis||||
Julia Maude (Cornish)||||
Karen (Taggart)||||
Lavinia D (Emery)|1837|Pennsylvania||
Lillian E (Taggart)|1912|New York, New York, United States|2002|Bloomfield Hills, Oakland, MI, USA
Louise (Koepnik)|1835|Prussia||
Lydia A.|1842|Ohio||
Margaret (Bell)||||
Margaret B (Brown)|1845|Pennsylvania, USA||
Martha (Chant)||||
Martha (Hubbard)||||
Martha A (Emery)|1845||1911|Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Mary (Bennett)|1805|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Mary (Cann)||||
Mary (Emery)|||1709|Newbury, Essex, MA
Mary (Jones)||||
Mary (Richmond)||||
Mary (Tennant)||||
Mary Adela (Pease)|1860|||
Maud (Hoare)|1884|,,WI, USA||
Minnie (Smidl)|1886|,,WI, USA||
Olive (McLellan)|1849|New Hampshire||
Philadelphia (Walton)||||
Ruth (Reed)|1886|Indiana||
Ruth (Sawyer)||||
Susannah (Pease)||||
Cecile ABSHIER|1884|Texas|1974|Victoria, Texas
Anna ADAMS|1707|Ipswich, Essex, MA|1772|West Newbury, Essex, MA
John ALBY|1872|WI USA||
Augusta ALCOTT|1865|Illinois|1943|Volusia County, Florida, USA
Maria Hannah ALEXANDER|1841|St George in The East, Middlesex, England||
Charles Albert AMBERG|1867|Indiana USA|1951|
George Albert AMBERG|1889|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1976|Augusta,, ME USA
Francis ANDERSON||||
Susannah ANDERSON|1833|Middlesex, England||
Thomas ANDERSON||||
Charlotte Joyce ANDREW|1825|City of London, London, England||
Elizabeth Helen ANDREW|1855|London, England||
Emily Jane ANDREW|1853|London, England||
Esther ANDREW|1828|London, England||
Esther Charlotte ANDREW|1848|London, England||
John Salter ANDREW|1826|St Andrew Undershaft, London, England||
John Salter ANDREW||||
Joseph ANDREW|1828|St Andrew Undershaft, London, England||
Richard Hollier ANDREW|1826|St Antholin Budge Row, London, England|1873|Surrey, England
Beulah ANDREWS|1750|Bunker Hill, Fayette County, OH, USA||,Frederick, VI, USA
Ebenezer ANDREWS|1722|,Burlington, NJ, USA|1751|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA
Elizabeth ANDREWS|1749|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1825|Elk Run, Columbiana, OH, USA
John ANDREWS||||
Thomas ANDREWS|1675|Wiltshire, England|1757|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA
Alberta C APPLEGATE|1885|Missouri|1969|Orange, California
Albert A ARNOLD||||
Henrietta ARTHUR|1849|,,England||
Mary ASH||||
Eva Catherine AUL|1881|MI USA|1916|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
John AUL||,,Germany||
George AYRES|1866|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Henry AYRES|1823|St Georges East||
Henry AYRES|1849|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Henry AYRES||||
Priscilla AYRES|1868|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Thomas AYRES|1871|Bethnal Green, London, England||
William AYRES|1853|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Ernest William BABER|1861|||
James BABER||||
Edward BAGNALL|1901|Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia||Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Jane BAIRD|1850|,Co Antrim, N Ireland|1918|,Co Antrim, N Ireland
George BARBER||||
Alfred BARKER||||
Alfred BARKER||||
Ethel Gertrude BARKER||||
Elizabeth BARKLE|1814|,,England|1884|Grant,, WI, USA
Charles BARRELL|1815|Leaden, Essex, England||
Charlotte BARRELL|1846|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
George BARRELL|1843|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Harriet BARRELL|1849|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Mary A BARRELL|1855|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Thomas Luttman BARRELL|1848|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Mary Ann BARRETT|1815|Harkney, Middlesex, England||
Autumn BARTHOLOMEW|||1973|
Abigail BARTLETT||||
Esther BARTLETT|1833|New Hampshire, USA||
Harry BARTLETT|1828|New Hampshire, USA||
Moses BARTLETT|1805|United States||
Elizabeth BATES||||
Clifford BECKETT|1862|Massoon, India||
Henry BECKETT|1870|Kurracheri, India||
Hessie Jane BECKETT|1869|Dervock, County Antrim, Ireland|1937|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Margaret BECKETT|1855|Agra, India||
Walter BECKETT|1864|Kurracheri, India||
Julia BEECHER|1814|Pennsylvania|1871|Nelson, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USA
Agnes BELL|1848|,,England||
Edward BELL|1796|London, Middlesex, England||
Edward BELL|1824|Queenhithe, Middlesex, England,||
Emma BELL|1822|Queenhithe, Middlesex, England,||
Richard BELL||||
George Francis BENJAFIELD||||
Ann BENNETT|1833|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Charles BENNETT|1844|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Charlotte BENNETT|1835|Plymouth, Devon, England|1867|Clifton, Gloucestershire, England
Edith E BENNETT|1846|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Eliza J BENNETT|1838|Plymouth, Devon, England||
John BENNETT|1836|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Joseph BENNETT|1800|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Joseph BENNETT|1826|,Devon, England||
Louisa BENNETT|1834|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Mary BENNETT|1832|,Devon, England||
Richard BENNETT|1847|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Richard J BENNETT||||
William BENNETT|1830|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Charles BENSON||||
Hannah BENWELL||||
Henry BENWELL|1742|Reading, Berkshire||
Henry BENWELL|1714|Reading, Berkshire, England|1770|Reading, Berkshire, England
John BENWELL||||
Joseph BENWELL||||
Mary BENWELL||||
Thomas BENWELL||||
George BIGWOOD|1852|Bridgwater, Gloucestershire, England|1939|Bristol,, England
Eliza Jane BLACKBURN||,Donegal, Ireland||
James LaSalle BOALS||||
James LaSalle BOALS , Jr|1893|Philadelphia, PA USA|1974|Stuar, Martin Co, FL USA
Elizabeth BORTON|1664|Northamptonshire, England|1718|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Albert Eric BOUGOURD|1910|St Martins, Guernsey||
Kenneth BOUGOURD||||
Leonard BOUGOURD|1903|St Martins, Guernsey||
Olive M BOUGOURD|1897|St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands||
Violet A BOUGOURD|1900|S Sound, Guernsey||
Louisa BRADLEY|1813|New Hampshire|1879|New Hampshire, USA
Sophia Walton BREWERTON|1813|St. Margaret's, Norwich, Norfolk, England||
Thomas BREWERTON||||
Grace H BROCK|1900|,Darke, OH, USA|1969|Piqua, Miami, Ohio, United States of America
BROOKS|1898|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1898|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Alice BROOKS|1896|Illinois, USA|2002|,DeKalb, IL, USA
Blanche BROOKS|1896|Cortland, DeKalb, IL USA|1979|Cortland, DeKalb, IL USA
Charles BROOKS|1862|,Donegal, Ireland|1956|Cortland, DeKalb, IL USA
James BROOKS||,Donegal, Ireland||
William BROOKS|1863|Donegal, Ireland|1945|Wilmette, Cook, Illinois, USA
Ada B BROWN|1866|Pennsylvania||
Ben Ford BROWN|1840|pennsylvania||
Benton F. BROWN|1867|Pennsylvania||
Elizabeth C BROWN|1901|Kentucky||
John James BROWN|1879|,,England||
Phebe BROWN||,,England|1781|
William H BROWN|1869|Pennsylvania||
Victor John Henry BULL|1906|Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia|1986|Tangorin St, Wynnum, Queensland, Australia
Charles BUNDY|1831|Elmira, Chemung, NY, USA||
Charles S BUNDY||||
Lura M. BUNDY|1871|New York||
Mary BURNMAN||||
Edward BURNS||||
John Howard BURNS|1887|Necedah, Wisconsin, USA|1951|Franklin Pk, Cook, IL, USA
Mary BURNS|1891|,,WI, USA||
Margaret BURNSIDE|1675|Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland|1726|Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland
Elizabeth BURR|1695|Mount Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, USA|1773|Mount Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, USA
Sarah BUTLER||New Hampshire, USA||
Fenton CALLAWAY|1911|Ontario||
Gertrude CALLAWAY|1906|Ontario||
Catherine CAMERON||Scotland||
Ann CAMPBELL|1832|Aberfeldy, Perthshire||
Christina CAMPBELL||||
Jane CANN|1819|Cadbury, Devon, England|1894|Crediton, Devon, England
John CANN||||
Mary CANN||||
John CARTON||||
Thomas James CARTON||||
Alfred Hilton CASSIDY|1911|Illinois|1965|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Alfred Hilton CASSIDY|1878|Boston, Massachusetts|1948|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Charles CAULTON|1854|Canada West||
Deborah CAULTON|1860|Canada West||
Ella A CAULTON||||
Esther A CAULTON|1864|Canada West||
Fanny CAULTON|1856|Canada West||
James CAULTON|1822|England||
Louisa CAULTON|1850|Canada West||
Maria CAULTON|1848|Canada West||
Mary CAULTON|1849|Canada West||
John CHANT|1779|Reading, Berkshire, England||
John CHANT|1714||1799|Reading, Berkshire, England
John Junior CHANT|1747|Lawrance Parish, Reading, Berkshire, England|1815|Reading, Berkshire, England
Martha CHANT|1749|Lawrance Parish, Reading, Berkshire, England||
Martha CHANT|1780|Middlesex, England|1848|St Luke Old Street,Finsbury,London England
Sarah CHANT|1781|Reading, Berkshire, England||
Mary Ann CHASTEY|1852|Okehampton, Devon, England||
Elizabeth CLAPTON|1809|Little Dunmow, Essex, England|1887|Middlesex
Catherine CLARK|1879|Scotland||
Donald CLARK|1877|Scotland||
Duncan CLARK|1885|Scotland||
John CLARK|1881|Scotland||
John CLARK||||
Mary CLARK|1890|Scotland||
Mittie Chase CLOUGH|1831|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA|1900|Northfield, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Ann COCK|1832|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||
Blanch COCK|1836|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||
Elizabeth COCK|1834|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||
Grace COCK|1827|Gwithian, Cornwall, England|1864|Gwithian, Cornwall, England
Henry COCK|1830|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||
James COCK||||
James COCK|1825|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||
Jane COCK|1840|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||
Roger COCK|1824|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||
Roger COCK|1797|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||Gwithian, Cornwall, England
William COCK|1837|Gwithian, Cornwall, England||
William COLDRIDGE||||
Fred COLE|1884|New York||
Maud COLE|1883|New York||
William COLE|1881|New York||
Edgar H COLEMAN|1873|Pennsylvania||
F. Gordon COLEMAN|1902|Pennsylvania|1987|
Lydia S COLEMAN|1872|Maryland||
Ann COLES|1812|newton|1892|,Devon, England
Cleave Ann COLLINS||||
Lydia COOMBS||Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA||
Ellen COPLEY|1857|New Hampshire, USA||
Martha COPLEY|1863|New Hampshire, USA||
Agnes CORBITT|1892||1979|
Florence Phillips CORNISH|1888|Crediton, Devon, England||
Henry CORNISH|1859|Exeter, Devon, England||
Henry John CORNISH|1884|Crediton, Devon, England|1948|Crediton, Devon, England
Louisa Amy CORNISH|1886|Crediton, Devon, England||
Robert Hector CORNISH|1900|Crediton, Devon, England||
Linda J COULTER|1878||1933|
Ada COVERLY|1876|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Albert E COVERLY|1898|Upton Park, Essex, England||
Alfred COVERLY|1805|St Leonard Shoreditch, London, England||
Alfred Thomas E de COVERLY|1889|Chelsea, London, England||
Alice COVERLY|1875|Stepney, London, England||
Alice Gertrude COVERLY|1908|||Bromley, Kent, England
Allan Percy COVERLY|1900|Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony, South Africa||
Ann COVERLY|1865|,,England||
Anna COVERLY|1810|St Michaels Crooked Lane, London, Middlesex England|1887|Hackney, Middlesex, England
Annie COVERLY|1840|,,England|1919|,Brant,Ontario, Canada
Arthur A de COVERLY|1866|Kensington, Middlesex, England|1927|Willesden, Middlesex, England
Beatrice COVERLY|1882|Leytonstone, Essex, England||
Bethesda COVERLY|1764||1766|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Caroline COVERLY|1860|Middlesex, Stepney England||London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Charles COVERLY|1875|Michigan||
Charles COVERLY|1734|London, Middlesex England|1808|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Charles COVERLY|1873|Stepney, London, England||
Charles George S COVERLY|1894|Mile End, London, England|1959|Essex South Western, Essex, England
Charles James COVERLY|1763|St Mary Aldermanbury, London, England|1835|Finsbury, Moorsfields
Charles James COVERLY|1830|Middlesex, Whitechapel England|1902|Woodford, Essex, England
Charles James COVERLY|1803|St Botolph Aldersgate, London, England||
Charles Leeds COVERLY|1759|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England|1830|London, England
Charles Leeds COVERLY|1789|||
Charles Roger de COVERLY|1820|,,England|1907|Burford, Brant, Ontario, Canada
Charlotte Joyce COVERLY|1794|Southwark, Middlesex, England|1835|,,England
Charlotte Joyce COVERLY|1802|London, England|1873|London, Surrey, United Kingdom
Charlotte Joyce de COVERLY|1761|London England|1841|St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey, England
Charlotte Susanna COVERLY|1791|St Leonards, Shoreditch, London England|1792|,,England
Clara Maria COVERLY|1906|||
Della COVERLY|1899|Michigan||
Edith R D COVERLY|1871|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Edward COVERLY|1878|Stepney, London, England||
Edward COVERLY|1769|St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex England|1846|Stepney, London, England
Edward COVERLY|1799|St Dunstons, London, Middlesex England||Middlesex
Edward COVERLY|1840|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Edward COVERLY|1772|St Mary Aldermanbury, London, England||St Mary Aldermanbury, London, England
Edward COVERLY|1856|Middlesex, Stepney England||
Edward A. Roger de COVERLY|1871|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Edward George COVERLY|1792|Hownsditch, London, England|1794|London, England
Edward Lorenzo de COVERLY|1857|Stepney, Middlesex England|1941|London, England
Edward Roger COVERLY|1846|,,England|1848|Allhallows the Great, London
Edward Roger De COVERLY|1831|Hackney, London, England|1914|Middlesex, England
Eleanor De COVERLY|1885|Marylebone, London, England||
Elizabeth COVERLY|1684|London, England||
Elizabeth COVERLY||||
Elizabeth COVERLY|1871|Mile End, Middlesex, England||
Elizabeth COVERLY|1822|||
Elizabeth COVERLY|1793|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
Elizabeth COVERLY|1823|London, England||Stepney, London, England
Elizabeth Joyce COVERLY|1800|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
Emma COVERLY|1859|Middlesex, Stepney England||
Emma Priscilla COVERLY|1842|Middlesex, London, England||
Esther COVERLY|1909|Michigan||
Ethel Anne E COVERLY|1898|Leyton, Essex, England||
Evelene COVERLY|1893|South Woodford, Essex, England||
Fannie COVERLY|1832|London, England|1907|Michigan, USA
Fanny Eliza COVERLY|1854|Middlesex, Stepney England||
George COVERLY|1703|St Andrew Holborn, London, England||
George COVERLY|1867|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
George COVERLY|1727|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
George Charles Roger de COVERLY||Bethnal Green, London, England|1911|Essex, Greater London, United Kingdom
George Edward COVERLY|1796|St Georges Fields, Middlesex, England|1879|Burford, Brant, Ontario, Canada
George J COVERLY|1897|Leyton, Essex, England||
George Samuel Edward Roger de COVERLY|1869|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Gertrude COVERLY|1884|Mile End, London, England||
Gladys I COVERLY|1890|Woodford, Essex, England||
Hale Mason COVERLY|1774||1806|
Hannah Elizabeth COVERLY|1852|,,England|1852|Tower Hamlets, London, England
Hannah Maud COVERLY|1911|West Ham, Essex, England||
Harriet COVERLY|1845|London, Middlesex, England||
Harriet S COVERLY|1874|Norwich, Norfolk, England||
Harriot COVERLY|1796|St Dunstan in The East, London, England||
Harry COVERLY|1878|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Henry COVERLY|1805|St Leonards, Shoreditch, London England||
Jane COVERLY|1828|London, England|1908|Burford, Brant, Ontario, Canada
Jane COVERLY|1723|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
John COVERLY|1756||1791|London, England
John E COVERLY|1862|Canada||
Joseph COVERLY||||
Joseph COVERLY|1837|Canada||
Joseph COVERLY|1769|Middlesex, London, England|1830|St Antholin Budge Row, London England
Joseph COVERLY|1799|St George The Martyr, Surrey, England|1861|London, Middlesex England
Joseph Edward COVERLY|1830|Middlesex, London, England||London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Kenneth William COVERLY|1904|Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony, South Africa||
Laura Louise de COVERLY|1887|Chelsea, London, England||
Martha Amelia COVERLY|1836|Whitechapel, Middlesex, England||Stepney, Middlesex England
Mary COVERLY|1691|St Andrew Holborn, London, England||
Mary COVERLY|1734|St Mary Aldermanbury, London, England||
Mary COVERLY|1869|Canada||
Mary Ann COVERLY|1826|Hackney, Middlesex||
Mary Matthews COVERLY|1812|City of London, London, England||Bethnal Green, London, England
Matilda COVERLY|1860|Canada||
Matthew COVERLY|1687|St Andrew Holborn, London, England||
Maude P COVERLY|1895|Leyton, Essex, England||
Milly COVERLY||Middlesex, Stepney England||
Pearl COVERLY|1882|Michigan||
Phebe COVERLY|1801|London, Middlesex England|1863|Brooklyn, Kings, NY, USA
Phebe Maria COVERLY|1840|London, Middlesex, England||
Priscilla COVERLY|1803|London, Middlesex England|1851|St Antholin Budge Row, London England
Prudence COVERLY|1805|London, Engand|1805|London England
Prudence COVERLY|1828|St Luke, Middlesex, England||
Rebecca COVERLY|1846|Bethnal Green, London, England|1882|London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Richard COVERLY|1695|London, England||
Robert COVERLY|1729|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England|1733|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Robert COVERLY|1698|St Andrew Holborn, London, England|1745|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Robert Penn COVERLY|1757||1760|London, England
Roger de COVERLY|1826|London, England|1826|London, England
Roger de COVERLY|1732||1779|St James Clerken Well
Rose C. A. COVERLY|1874|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Rosella COVERLY|1863|Canada||
Ruth COVERLY|1870|MIddlesex, Stepney||London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Samuel COVERLY|1808|London, Middlesex England||
Samuel Charles Roger COVERLY|1849|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Samuel Charles Roger COVERLY|1838|Mile End, London, England|1910|Essex, United Kingdom
Sarah COVERLY|1725|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
Sarah COVERLY|1825|||
Sarah COVERLY|1835|Middlesex, London, England||
Sarah Elizabeth COVERLY|1825|Hackney, London, England||
Sophia COVERLY|1838|Middlesex, London, England||
Sophia COVERLY|1805|London County, England||
Stanley COVERLY|1887|Leyton, Essex, England||
Susanna COVERLY|1686|St Andrew Holborn, London, England||
Susanna Peace COVERLY|1767|London, England|1800|London, England
Thomas COVERLY|1658|London County, England|1707|St Andrew Holborn, London, England
Thomas COVERLY|1758|Shoreditch, Middlesex, England|1768|
Victoria Alice G COVERLY|1870|Battersea, Surrey, England||
Violet R COVERLY|1887|Leyton, Essex, England|1983|Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa
Walter COVERLY|1880|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Wesley G COVERLY|1889|Woodford, Essex, England||
William COVERLY|1863|Middlesex, Stepney England|1950|Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa
William COVERLY|1772|London, England|1809|London, England
William Darby COVERLY|1741|||
William H COVERLY|1869|Kensington, Middlesex, England||
Rebecca COX|1725||1753|
Sarah Maria CRANCH|1877|Dartmouth, Devon, England||
Charles Henry Samuel CRANE||||
Alice CRAWFORD|1831|La Porte County, Indiana, USA|1915|Hudson Twp, La Porte Co, IN, USA
Bridget Delia CULLEN|1824|Ireland||
Lois CUTLER||||
Alice M DAEHN|1894|Illinois|1976|Santa Clara, California
Clara M DAEHN|1891|Illinois|1981|Santa Clara County, California, USA
Emil J DAEHN|1884|Illinois||
Uncas S DAEHN|1900|Illinois||
William DAEHN|1889|Illinois||
Ann DANIELS|1790|Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England|1852|St Andrews, Enfield, Middlesex, England
Harry B DANIELS||||
William DANIELS Esq|1802|Bp Sterfford, Hertfordshire, England||
Julia Maria DATE|1861|,,WI, USA||
Alice DAW|1901|Northfield, King's Norton, Worcestershire, England|1980|Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Dorothy Minnie DAW|1903|King's Norton, Worcestershire, England|1975|Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Edna DAW|1906|King's Norton, Worcestershire, England|1996|Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Frederick Sydney DAW||Bristol,, England|1959|Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Gertrude Margaret DAW||Reg. Marylebone, Middlesex, England|1949|Redfern District, NSW Australia
Mabel DAW||Bristol,, England|1917|Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Nellie DAW||Reg. Cannock, Staffordshire, England|1977|Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Reginald DAW||Bristol,, England|1917|,,,France
Sidney DAW|1898|Birmingham, Warwickshire, England|1985|Nambour Nursing Home, Nambour, Queensland, Australia
Sydney DAW||Bristol,, England|1937|Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Worthy DAW||Birmingham, Warwickshire, England||Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Herman DEHN|1857|,,Germany||
Herman DEHN|1883|Illinois||
Lena DEHN|1884|Illinois||
Marie DEHN|1859|,,Germany||
Minnie DEHN|1896|Illinois||
Willie DEHN|1881|Illinois||
Mary Cholmley DERING||||
Augustus DICKINSON|1870|Kansas||
Eunice E DICKINSON|1900|Kansas||
Robert P DIX|1890|New York||
Martha Jane DIXON|1857|Ireland||Londonderry County, Northern Ireland
George Montgomery DODGE||||
George Mozier DODGE|1872|Indiana||
Howard McLellan DODGE|1897|Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana, United States|1973|Wilmette, Cook, Illinois, United States of America
Albert E DRAKE|1878|Illinois, USA||
James DUBOIS|1843|New Jersey||
Jane DUMMER|1628|Bishopstoke,, England|1701|Newbury, Essex, MA USA
Celia L DWYER|1859|Illinois||
Charles E. DWYER|1843|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA||
Franklin M. DWYER|1815|Canada||
Jane Elizabeth DWYER|1847|Massachusetts||
Reta Z EAST|1890|Michigan||
Kate ELIAS|1841|New York||
Clarissa ELLIOT|1803|New Hampshire||
Sarah Ann ELSTON|1841|,Devon, England|1912|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Infant EMERY|1785|Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA||
Abbie Josephine EMERY|1870|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA||
Abby Prescott EMERY|1854|Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA|1855|
Abigail EMERY|1705|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Abigail EMERY|1668|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Alvan EMERY|1877|Illinois||
Alvan EMERY|1811|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA|1864|Cataba, Alabama, USA
Alvin E EMERY|1881|Illinois||
Amos EMERY|1758|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1810|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Angeline EMERY|1845|Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA|1846|
Ann EMERY|1631|Romsey, Hampshire, England||
Ann Nancy B EMERY|1775|Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA|1847|
Anna EMERY|1756|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1840|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Anna EMERY|1693|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Anna EMERY|1716|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts|1787|Abington, Plymouth, MA, USA
Annie EMERY|1851|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USA|1851|
Anthony EMERY|1601|Romsey, Hampshire, England||
Benjamin EMERY|1735|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Benjamin EMERY|1738|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Bessie Belle EMERY|1875|Indiana||
Bethia EMERY|1658|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Betsey EMERY|1844|Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts||
Betty Betsey EMERY|1784|Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA||
Charles EMERY|1839|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA|1841|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA
Charles EMERY|1850|St Joseph County, Indiana, USA|1850|St Joseph County, Indiana, USA
Charles B EMERY|1803|New Hampshire, USA|1824|Havana, Ciego de Avila, Cuba
Charles D EMERY|1833|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USA|1901|Seattle, King, Washington, USA
Charles Franklin EMERY|1833|New York||
Charles W EMERY|1891|Illinois||
Charles W EMERY|1852|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA||
Charles Woodman EMERY|1851|Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts|1904|Oakland City, Alameda, California
Clara A EMERY|1831|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA|1915|
Clara B EMERY|1848|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pa|1876|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pa
Clarence EMERY|1856|Illinois, USA||
Clarence W EMERY|1885|Illinois||
Clarissa Ann EMERY|1831|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA||
Daniel EMERY|1733|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts|1760|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
David EMERY|1800|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA|1877|Maroa, Macon, Illinois, USA
David E EMERY|1865|Pennsylvania||
E. Paul EMERY|1879|Illinois||
Ebenezer EMERY|1648|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Edna EMERY|1878|Laporte, Indiana||
Edward EMERY|1854|United States||
Eliphalet EMERY|1781|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts|1869|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Eliphalet EMERY|1748|Newbury, Essex, MA|1773|
Elizabeth EMERY|1764|Newbury, Essex, MA|1778|
Elizabeth EMERY|1680|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Elizabeth EMERY|1750|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts||
Elizabeth EMERY|1842|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pa||
Elizabeth EMERY|1708|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Elizabeth B EMERY|1819|New Hampshire, USA|1821|
Ellen S. EMERY|1842|New Hampshire||
Ellin EMERY|1901|Romsey, Hampshire, England||
Elmina EMERY|1844|Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA||
Emma M EMERY|1855|Massachusetts||
Enoch EMERY|1752|Newbury, Essex, MA|1760|
Enoch EMERY|1763|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Enoch EMERY|1822|New Hampshire|1882|United States
Eunice Mary EMERY|1808||1832|
Eveline Vanderbilt EMERY|1840|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USA|1853|
Everett Victor EMERY|1896|Laporte Co, Indiana|1964|Calgary,, Alberta, Canada
Fannie E EMERY|1867|Pennsylvania||
Frances Jarvis EMERY|1857|Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA||
Frances Rosalinda EMERY|1862|Macon, Illinois, United States|1870|
Frank EMERY|1848|Hudson Twp, La Porte Co, IN, USA|1893|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Frank B EMERY|1856|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pa|1933|Williamsport, Lycoming, PA
Frank Charles EMERY|1868|Illinois||
Fredrick Vose EMERY|1843|Ithaca, Tompkins, New York, USA|1862|Fredericksburg, MD
George EMERY|1797||1864|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
George B EMERY|1852|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USA|1862|South Canaan, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
Georgiana EMERY|1859|Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA||
Gertrude EMERY|1865|Illinois||
Grace EMERY||||
Hannah EMERY||||
Hannah EMERY|1737|Newbury, Essex, MA|1737|
Hannah EMERY|1712|Newbury, Essex, MA|1772|
Hannah EMERY|1765|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Hannah EMERY|1654|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Hannah EMERY|1744|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Henry EMERY|1814|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA|1891|Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Hugh EMERY|1604|Romsey, Hampshire, England||
Jane EMERY|1729|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1736|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Jessie EMERY|1860|Indiana, USA|1873|
Jessie EMERY|1873|Illinois||
John EMERY|1866|Hudson Twp, La Porte Co, IN, USA|1943|Niles, Berrien, Michigan, USA
John EMERY|1722|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1736|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
John EMERY|1628|Romsey, Hampshire, England|1693|Newbury, Essex, MA
John EMERY|1598|Hants, Hampshire, England|1683|Newbury, Essex, MA
John EMERY|1686|Newbury, Essex, MA|1750|Newbury, Essex, MA
John EMERY|1743|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States||
John EMERY||||
John EMERY|1656|Newbury, Essex, MA|1730|Newbury, Essex, MA
John Beecher EMERY|1844|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pa|1923|Williamsport, Lycoming, Pa
John Hoyt EMERY|1839|Ithaca, Tompkins, New York, USA|1879|
John Taylor Gilman EMERY|1799|New Hampshire, USA|1886|
Jonathan EMERY|1652|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Joseph EMERY|1845|Michigan, USA||
Joseph EMERY|1663|Newbury, Essex, MA|1721|Andover,, MA
Joseph EMERY|1740|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Joseph Woodman EMERY|1813|New Hampshire, USA|1882|Illinois, USA
Josiah EMERY|1801|New Hampshire|1891|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USA
Josiah EMERY|1747|Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA||Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire, United States
Josiah EMERY|1718|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1729|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Josiah EMERY|1681|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Josiah Bartlett EMERY|1731|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts|1736|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Judith EMERY|1703|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Judith EMERY|1673|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Katie L EMERY|1892|Illinois||
Laurence E EMERY|1889|Illinois||
Lillie EMERY||||
Louis L EMERY|1882|Illinois||
Louisa Jane EMERY|1849|Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA||
Lydia EMERY|1675|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Lydia EMERY|1717|Newbury, Essex, MA|1800|Newbury, Essex, MA
Lydia EMERY|1738|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1823|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Lydia EMERY|1778|Sanbornton, Belknap, NH||
Margaret Sickel EMERY|1892|Missouri|1952|Reading, Berks, PA
Maria EMERY|1852|Massachusetts, USA|1896|Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Martha EMERY|1817|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA||
Martha P EMERY|1838|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pa|1914|Washington District of Columbia,, USA
Mary EMERY|1700|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Mary EMERY|1746|Newbury, Essex, MA|1803|
Mary EMERY|1741|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1834|
Mary EMERY|1719|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts||
Mary EMERY|1684|||
Mary EMERY|1816|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA|1869|United States
Mary EMERY|1652|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Mary Clarinda EMERY|1831|Pennsylvania|1909|Loyalsock, Lycoming, Pa
Mary Elizabeth EMERY|1846|Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA||
Mary Elizabeth EMERY|1830|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA|1898|
Mary Hale EMERY|1821|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA||
Mary Maud EMERY|1869|Chenoa, McLean, IL, USA||
Mary S. EMERY|1880|Pennsylvania||
Mattie EMERY||Hudson Twp, La Porte Co, IN, USA||
May I EMERY|1884|Illinois||
May R EMERY|1862|Pennsylvania||
Mehetable EMERY|1725|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1739|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Michael EMERY|1764|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1842|
Miriam EMERY|1714|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Mittie Louisa EMERY|1872|Peoria, Peoria, Illinois, USA||
Molly Polly EMERY|1777|Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA|1851|
Moody EMERY|1769|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts||
Moses EMERY|1772|Epping, Rockingham, NH, USA|1850|
Moses EMERY|1715|Newbury, Essex, MA|1789|Newbury, Essex, MA
Moses EMERY|1820|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA|1908|New Carlisle, St Joseph Co, IN
Moses EMERY|1745|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States||Minot, Androscoggin, Maine, United States
Nancy B EMERY|1809|New Hampshire, USA|1872|
Nathan EMERY|1806|New Hampshire, USA|1884|
Nathan EMERY|1750|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1777|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Nathan H EMERY|1859|Olive, St Joseph Co, IN|1943|Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana, USA
Nathaniel EMERY|1773|Epping, Rockingham, NH, USA|1850|Merrimack CO., NH
Nathaniel EMERY|1772|Newbury, Essex, MA|1812|
Nathaniel EMERY|1741|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts||
Nicholas EMERY|1783||1826|
Rebecca B EMERY|1780|Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA|1851|Bridewater,, MA, United States
Rufus EMERY|1797||1819|Massachusetts
Ruth EMERY|1698|||
Ruth EMERY||||
Samuel EMERY|1737|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts|1805|West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
Samuel EMERY|1670|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Samuel Eliphalet EMERY|1852|Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA||
Samuel Louis EMERY|1827|New Hampshire, USA|1873|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA
Samuel Moody EMERY|1804||1883|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Sarah EMERY|1696|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Sarah EMERY|1753|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1848|Andover, Oxford, ME, USA
Sarah EMERY|1779|||
Sarah EMERY|1726|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1764|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Sarah EMERY|1782|Sanbornton, Belknap, NH|1855|
Sarah EMERY|1660|||
Sarah Sadie EMERY|1865|Indiana|1937|New Carlisle Town, St. Joseph, Indiana
Sarah Noyes EMERY|1842|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA||
Stephen EMERY|1666|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1747|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Stephen EMERY|1761|Newbury, Essex, MA||
Stephen EMERY|1710|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts|1795|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Stephen EMERY|1732|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts|1799|
Susan Susie EMERY|1855|,Berrien County, MI, USA|1942|Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI, USA
Susan B EMERY|1807|New Hampshire, USA|1811|
Susan Elizabeth EMERY|1843|St Joseph County, Indiana, USA|1847|St Joseph County, Indiana, USA
Susan Rebecca EMERY|1836|Ithaca, Tompkins, New York, USA|1842|
William H EMERY|1847|Massachusetts|1915|Lowell City, Middlesex, Massachusetts
William V EMERY|1845|Wellsboro, Tioga, Pa|1924|Williamsport, Lycoming, Pa
Witsey EMERY|1864|St Joseph County, Indiana, USA|1866|St Joseph County, Indiana, USA
Wm. S. EMERY|1874|Pennsylvania||
Wm. V. EMERY|1846|Pennsylvania||
Jane ENNER|1817|,Cornwall, England|1876|Linden, Iowa, Wisconsin, United States
Frank H ERICKSON|1889|Omaha, Nebraska|1963|Santa Clara, California
James H EVERETT|1841|,,CT, USA|1899|Codington,, SD, USA
Anna FARMER||||
Winefred Z FENLEY|1896|Iowa||
Lillie FERTIG|1858|New York||
Ada Georgina FEY|1868|Westbury On Trym, Gloucestershire England|1951|Noble Co, OH USA
Albert Henry James FEY||Gloucestershire England||Gloucestershire England
Alfred James FEY||St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucestershire England||
Carolaine FEY|1910|,,CA, USA||
Caroline FEY|1880|St. George, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England|1986|Westcliffe South-End-on-Sea, Essex, England
Charles E Matthew FEY||St Andrews, Bristol, Gloucestershire England||USA
Corresta Canfield FEY|1883|Lake View, Chicago, Cook Co, IL USA||
Edgar James Southcott FEY|1879|,,England|1952|Masonic Hospital, Chicago, IL USA
Edwin FEY|1848|Sandford, Devon, England|1923|Glendale, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Fanny Elizabeth FEY||Westbury On Trym, Gloucestershire England||
Florence Gertrude FEY|1872|Vine Cottage, Tankard's Close, St Augustine, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England|1926|Bristol,, England
Florence N FEY|1875|,,England||
Frances E FEY|1873|,,England||
Frederick FEY||Bristol,, England|1926|Bristol,, England
Helen Georgina FEY|1880|St George, Bristol, Gloucestershire England|1959|Alameda, CA, USA
Helen Louisa Elston FEY||||
James FEY|1842|,Devon, England|1918|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Kate Sarah A FEY||Westbury On Trym, Gloucestershire England||
Mary Ellen FEY|1878|Bristol,, England|1953|Bristol,, England
Matthew FEY|1810|Shobrooke, Devon, England|1861|Crediton, Devon, England
Matthew John Elston FEY|1880|Bristol,, England|1920|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Minnie Alice Hector FEY||St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England||Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Nellin FEY|1879|Bristol,, England||
Reginald Edward FEY|1874|Bristol,, England||
Rhoda Sophronia FEY||Westbury On Trym, Gloucestershire England||
Ruby FEY|1908|,,CA, USA||
Stanley FEY||||
William FEY||Sandford, Devonshire, England|1924|,,CA, USA
William Hector FEY||Crediton, Devon, England|1913|USA
Ellen M FISHER|1857|Indiana||
Jarod J. FISHER|1866|Indiana|1925|
Laura C FISHER|1894|Indiana||
Laurence Jordon FISHER|1896|La Porte, Indiana|1971|Winamac, Pulaski, Indiana, United States of America
Mildred FISHER|1899|Indiana|1984|La Porte, La Porte, Indiana, United States of America
Mary R FOOTE||||
Hulda FORBES|1849|Canada||
James FOWLER||||
Charles FREEMAN||||
Elizabeth Ann FREEMAN|1821|Kidderminster, Worcestershire||
Joseph John FREEMAN||||
Maria Judith FREEMAN|1796|St Martin Orgar, London, England|1890|Burford Twp, South Brant, Ontario, Canada
Mary Anna FREEMAN|1824|||
William Miller FREEMAN|1826|Kidderminster, Worcestershire||
Sarah FROST||||
Arther FULLER|1858|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Eustace Stanley FULLER|1887|Woodford, Essex, England||
Harold Chas FULLER|1884|Woodford, Essex, England||
William A. FULLER|1873|Woodford, Essex, England||
Frank Lloyd GALBREATH|1900|Indiana||
Lloyd GALBREATH|1863|Indiana||
Mabel GALBREATH|1898|Indiana|1994|
Myrtle GALBREATH|1895|Indiana||
Elizabeth GALE|1682|||
Edward GALVIN|1894|New York||
Elizabeth GARLACK|1710|Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
Jane GARLACK|1699|Shoreditch, Middlesex, England|1759|Aldermanbury, London, England
Katherine GARLACK|1708|Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
Mary GARLACK|1693|Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
Nicholas GARLACK|||1728|Hoxton, Middlesex, England
Sarah GARLACK|1700|Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
William GARLACK|||1697|Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Jeremiah Victor Jerry GAROUTTE|1861|Indiana|1888|St Joseph County, Indiana, USA
Thomas Bradley GAROUTTE|1896|New Carlisle, Saint Joseph, Indiana|1978|New Carlisle, Saint Joseph, Indiana
Helen Lucy GAYNER||||
John Edward GAYNER|1857|||
William GAYNER||||
Herman GEHLON|1878|,,Germany||
Fennimore J GERMER|1904|Lakeview, Chicago, IL USA||
Fennimore John GERMER|1859|Cincinatus,, NY, USA|1906|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
James W GERMER|1873|New York||
June GERMER|1907|Illinois|1952|Stoneboro, Mercer Co, PA USA
Katherine GERMER|1826|,,Germany||
Mabel GERMER|1882|Illinois||
Forbes Charles GETTY|1900|Massachusetts|1966|Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Francis E GETTY|1861|Pennsylvania, USA|1945|New Hampshire, USA
Francis William GETTY|1896|Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts|1954|VA
Grace GETTY|1900|Illinois|1975|
Hannah GETTY|1823|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1904|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Harry Mercer GETTY|1856|Allegheny, Blair, PA, USA|1932|Coronado Beach, Volusia, FL, USA
John GETTY||||
Marguerite A GETTY|1908|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1913|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Maria J GETTY|1854|Allegheny, Blair, PA, USA|1933|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Mary V GETTY|1900|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA||
Olive Marie GETTY|1894|Illinois|1982|Minocqua, Oneida, Wisconsin, United States of America
Robert GETTY|1833|Ireland||
Robert McClellan GETTY|1863|Allegheny City, Allegheny, PA, USA||
Ruth Inez GETTY|1904|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1997|Columbia,, WI, USA
Steven M. GETTY|1859|Pennsylvania|1924|Volusia County, Florida, USA
William GETTY|1896|Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA||
Alfred R GIBBINS|1854|City of London, London, England||
Emma GIBBINS|1860|City of London, London, England||
Frederick GIBBINS|1858|City of London, London, England||
Henry W GIBBINS|1822|Boston, Lincolnshire, England||
Knute GJESDAL|1881|Norway||
George William T GLASSON|1893|Melbourne, Victoria, Australia|1925|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Henry GLOVER|1847|||
Mary A. GOLDSWORTHY|1847|,,WI, USA||
Annie GOODGER|1892|Kittering, Northampton, England||
Harry GOODGER|1860|Northampton, Burlington, New Jersey, United States||
Hector GOODGER|1902|Kittering, Northampton, England||
Katie GOODGER|1894|Kittering, Northampton, England||
Lillian GOODGER|1897|Kittering, Northampton, England||
Abigail GRAHAM|1869|Saltcoats, Scotland|1942|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Alice J GRANT|1859|New Hampshire||
Almon GRANT|1828|Vermont||
George A GRANT|1868|New Hampshire||
Grace GRANT|1854|Nethy Bridge, Invernessshire||
Harris GRANT||||
Alice GRANTHAM||Romsey, Hampshire, England|1647|Newbury, Essex, MA
Walter GRANTHAM||||
Thomas GREEN||||
Sarah GREY||||
Beulah HAINES|1830|La Porte Co, IN|1876|Olive, Saint Joseph, Indiana, USA
Ebenezer HAINES|1770|Green, Fayette, Ohio, United States|1850|Green, Fayette, Ohio, United States
Eliza L. HAINES|1864|Iowa||
Elizabeth HAINES|1771|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA||
Flora D. HAINES|1869|Iowa||
Jeremiah HAINES|1777|,Frederick, VI, USA|1787|
Jesse HAINES|1829|Greene Co, OH|1925|Marshall, Marshall, Iowa, United States
Jesse HAINES|1787|,Frederick, VI, USA|1839|,Frederick, VI, USA
Jonathan HAINES|1744|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1834|Champaign,, OH, USA
Joseph HAINES|1717|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1752|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA
Joseph HAINES|1742|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1830|,Frederick, VI, USA
Joseph HAINES|1773|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA||
Leonora HAINES|1878|Iowa||
Mary HAINES|1775|,Frederick, VI, USA|1825|
Mary HAINES|1823|Greene Co, OH||Y
Mary E. HAINES|1867|Iowa||
Nathan HAINES|1780|Virginia|1858|Hudson Twp, La Porte Co, IN, USA
Nathan HAINES|1834|La Porte Co, IN|1922|Hagerman, Chaves, New Mexico, United States
Patience HAINES|1768|Bunker Hill, Fayette County, OH, USA||Bunker Hill, Fayette County, OH, USA
Rachel HAINES|1821|Greene Co, OH|1866|Hudson Twp, La Porte Co, IN, USA
Rebecca HAINES|1827|Miami Greene, OH USA|1902|New Carlisle, St Joseph Co, IN
Samuel HAINES|1785|Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, United States|1858|Green, Adams, OH, USA
Susan HAINES|1820|Miami County, Ohio, USA|1847|
Susan HAINES|1824|Greene Co, OH|1847|MI
Susan HAINES||||
Vincent HAINES|1783|,Frederick, VI, USA||Old, Forsyth, North Carolina, United States
Vincent HAINES|1745|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1767|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA
William HAINES|1826|Greene Co, OH|1891|Marshall Co, IA
William HAINES|1672|Aynho, Northamptonshire, England|1754|Northampton, Burlington, New Jersey, United States
William HAINES|1778|,Frederick, VI, USA|1787|
Moses HALE||||
Sarah HALE|||1865|
Mary Leal HALL|1898|Indiana||
Nathan HALL||||
Ann Freathy HAMBLY|1826|Devonport, Devon, England||
Arthur W T HAMBLY|1894|Leatherhead, Surrey, England||
Eliza Lee HAMBLY|1860|Pancras, Middlesex, England||
Elizabeth HAMBLY|1822|Tamerton Folliot, Devon, England||
Harriett HAMBLY|1828|,Devon, England||
John Treleving HAMBLY|1828|Tamerton Falliott, Devon, England||Pancras, Middlesex, England
Marjorie J T HAMBLY|1899|Highgate, Middlesex, England||
Mary HAMBLY|1836|Mostyn, Flintshire, Wales||
Mary Jane HAMBLY|1858|Whitechapel, Middlesex, England||
Phyllis J T HAMBLY|1900|Highgate, Middlesex, England||
Shadrach Mitchell HAMBLY|1838|Bickleigh, Devon, England|1902|Cheshire, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Thomas HAMBLY|1791|,Devon, England||,Devon, England
Thomas HAMBLY|1833|Bickleigh, Devon, England||
Thomas W HAMBLY|1857|Whitechapel, Middlesex, England||
William Treliving HAMBLY|1868|St Pancras, London, England||
Anna HAMILL|1893||1990|Tullycapple, Co Antrim, N Ireland
Karl Merz HAMILTON|1879|Washington, Fayette, Ohio, United States|1957|Evanston, Cook, IL, USA
Alice HANLEY|1862|Exeter, Devon, England||
Elizabeth HANLEY|1860|Exmouth, Devon, England||
John HANLEY|1830|,Co Cork, Ireland||
Julia Maud HANLEY|1869|Exmouth, Devon, England|1951|Birch Hills,, SK, Canada
Rose Kerr HANNA|1886|,Co Antrim, N Ireland|1989|Boise,, ID, USA
James HARRELL||||
Hattie HARRIS|1859|Michigan||
Edward HARRISON|1848|||
Edward HARRISON|1817|,,CT, USA||
Emma HARRISON|1857|,,CT, USA||
George H HARRISON||||
Hattie HARRISON|1864|,,CT, USA||
Henry HARRISON|1860|||
Kenneth G HARRISON||||
Leonard HARRISON|1860|,,CT, USA||
Lucy Hattie HARRISON|1862|Connecticut||
Thomas HART||||
Florence HARVEY|1873|Delaware, Sanilac, MI, USA|1961|Lacona, Warren, Iowa
Francis HARVEY||||
Margaret HARVEY|1716|NO, Ireland|1808|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA
William HARVEY||,,England||
Henrietta HASLETT|1797|Poplar, Middlesex, England||
Henry HASLETT||||
Henry HASLETT|1791|Cripplegate, London||
Sarah Elizabeth HASLETT|1795|Cripplegate, London||
Doris Helena HAY||||
Elizabeth HAY|1684|||
Sarah HEAD|1747|Src: IGI||
Shirley R HEAP||||
Amelia HECTOR|1859|Crediton, Devon, England|1946|Crediton, Devon, England
Annie HECTOR|1882|,,England||
Carl HECTOR|1901|,,CO, USA||
Caroline F. HECTOR|1872|Crediton, Devon, England||
Charles Frederick HECTOR|1870|Crediton, Devon, England||
Chastey William George HECTOR|1876|Crediton, Devon, England||
Delmar HECTOR|1909|,,CO, USA||
Edith HECTOR|1888|Illinois||
Ellen HECTOR|1847|Crediton, Devon, England||
Emily HECTOR|1899|,,CO, USA||
Emily L. HECTOR|1876|Crediton, Devon, England||
Fannie HECTOR|1894|,,CO, USA||
Frank HECTOR|1895|,,CO, USA||
Fred HECTOR|1905|,,CO, USA||
Georgiana HECTOR|1861|Crediton, Devon, England||
Henry F HECTOR|1874|Crediton, Devon, England||
Jane HECTOR|1842|Crediton, Devon, England|1925|Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois
John Cann HECTOR||Sandford, Devon, England|1896|New York, USA
John Gilbert HECTOR|1864|Crediton, Devon, England||
Lucy HECTOR|1896|,,CO, USA||
Mabel H. HECTOR|1880|Crediton, Devon, England||
Marjorie HECTOR|1907|,,CO, USA||
Mary Ann HECTOR|1845|Crediton, Devon, England||
Mary L HECTOR|1860|Crediton, Devon, England|1875|Crediton, Devon, England
Minnie L. HECTOR|1878|Crediton, Devon, England||
Sarah HECTOR|1849|Crediton, Devon, England|1932|Bristol,, England
Susan HECTOR|1855|Crediton, Devon, England||
Thomas HECTOR|1834|Crediton, Devon, England||
William HECTOR|1903|,,CO, USA||
William HECTOR||||
William HECTOR|1852|Crediton, Devon, England||
William HECTOR|1820|Crediton, Devon, England|1882|Crediton, Devon, England
William HECTOR|1790|Crediton, Devon, England|1857|,Devon, England
William A. HECTOR||Crediton, Devon, England||
Milton H HERMAN|1911||1999|Seminole, Pinellas, Florida, United States of America
Elizabeth A HILL|1901|Illinois, USA|1985|La Grange, Cook, Illinois, United States of America
Virginia HINE||||
Cassie L. HOARE|1867|,,WI, USA||
Charles Joseph HOARE|1882|,,WI, USA||
Cora B. HOARE|1869|,,WI, USA||
Fannie HOARE|1880|,,WI, USA||
Frank E. HOARE|1859|,,WI, USA||
James A HOARE|1845|Mineral Point, Iowa, Wisconsin, United States|1927|Mineral Point City, Iowa, Wisconsin
John HOARE|1811|,,England||
Joseph HOARE|1853|,,WI, USA||
Martin M. HOARE|1856|,,WI, USA||
Robert C HOARE|1908|,,WI, USA||
William HOARE|1837|,,England||
William HOARE|1875|,,WI, USA||
Frederick Roper HODGSON||||
Louisa HODSON|1833|,,England||
Sarah Sadie HOFFMAN|1869|Illinois||
Mahala HOIT|1805|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA|1851|Ithaca, Tompkins, New York, USA
Rose Aurelia HOLDEN|1860|NY|1904|
Mary J HOLMAN||,,WI, USA||
Emma HOLMES|1840|Islington, Middlesex, England||
Annie HOOTON|1877|St Pancras, Middlesex, England||
Daniel HOOTON||||
Esther Etty HOOTON||Calediman, Islington||
George HOOTON|1865|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Lily HOOTON|1879|Hackney, London, England||
Richard Edward Dicky HOOTON||Stoke Newington, London, England||Westminster, London, England
Thomas HOOTON|1873|Islington, Middlesex, England||
William HOOTON|1845|Stoke Newington, London, England||
Elizabeth HORN||||
Cecil HOWITT|1900|St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands||
Violet HOWITT|1906|St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands||
William A HOWITT|1908|St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands||
Winifred HOWITT|1904|St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands||
Charlotte HUBBARD|1833|Suffolk, England||
Joseph HUBBARD||||
Grace HUGHES|1897|Barron, WI, USA|1993|Merced, Merced, CA
Joseph HUMPHREYS||||
Susan HUMPHREYS|1860|Stepney, London, England||
Elizabeth Susannah HUNT|1830|Marylbone, Middlesex||Essex, United Kingdom
George HUNT||||
Amelia HURD|1857|||
George HURD|1859|||
Martha HURLEY|1806|Woolwich, Kent, England||
Mary ISAAC|1751|||
Matthew ISAAC||||
Elizabeth JACKS|1831|Bermondsey, Surrey, England||
Robert JACKS||||
Ellsworth Erskine JACKSON , Sr|1893|Philadelphia, PA USA|1974|Philadelphia, PA USA
Martha Christina JAHR|1910|Oregon||
Annie Maria JAMES|1855|Stepney, Middlesex England||
Charlotte JAMES|1838|St Margaretm Middlesex, England||
George Nelson JAMES|1804|Carshalton, Surrey, England|1891|London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
George Savage Nelson JAMES|1827|Chelsea, Middlesex, England|1890|Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Henry JAMES|1845|Stepney, Middlesex England||
Howard JAMES|1856|Cayhlake, Cheshire, England||
Howard JAMES|1846|Hoyle Lake, Cheshire, England||
Lilla Louisa Whicken JAMES|1860|Addington, Lancashire, England||
Louisa JAMES|1828|Cholderton, Wiltshire, England||
Margaret JAMES||||
Mary Ann JAMES|1850|Mile End Old Town, London, England||
Priscilla Isabella JAMES|1832|St George in The East, London, England|1907|Essex, Greater London, United Kingdom
Thomas JAMES|1840|Stepney, Middlesex England||
Jennie J JANZER|1860|New York|1926|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
John Charles JANZER||||
Henry JAQUES||||
Ruth JAQUES|1672|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1764|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Charles JOHN|1897|Pennsylvania||
Mary JOHN|1876|,,England||
Mary E JOHN|1899|Pennsylvania||
Sadie JOHN|1895|Pennsylvania||
Anna JOHNS|1878|Pennsylvania||
Elizabeth JOHNS|1860|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
James JOHNS|1871|,,England||
Martha JOHNS|1876|Pennsylvania||
Mary JOHNS|1857|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Nicholas JOHNS|1872|Pennsylvania||
Nicholas JOHNS|1834|Sithney, Cornwall, England||
Alfred JOHNSON|1874|Battersea, London, England||
Algat JOHNSON|1892|Illinois|1958|
Carl JOHNSON||||
Doris JOHNSON|1900|Woodford, Essex, England||
Edward C JOHNSON|1886|Sweden|1955|
Ellen Victoria JOHNSON|1883|Sweden||
Ellis C JOHNSON|1904|Illinois||
Florence JOHNSON|1896|Illinois||
Matilda J JOHNSON|1873|Calumet, ,MI, USA|1929|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
C. A. JONES||Islington||
Elizabeth Mary JONES||Plymouth, Devon, England||
Harriot JONES|1776|Whitechapel||London, England
Libbie JONES||
Robert JONES||
W.J. JONES|1847|Hackney (Cns), England
W.S. JONES|1878|Islington
Ann JORY|1815|Devonport, Devon, England
Catherine JORY|1829|Stonehouse, Devon
John JORY|1797|Cardin??, Cornwall
Cecelia KANE||
Mary KING|1775|
Alfred KIRK|1866|Bethnal Green, London, England
Alfred James KIRK|1886|Bethnal Green, London, England
Annie M.C. KIRK|1879|London, Middlesex, England
Arthur H KIRK|1899|Bethnal Green, London, England
Eliza KIRK|1853|Bethnal Green, London, England
Emma Hannah KIRK|1890|Bethnal Green, London, England
Esther KIRK|1883|Bethnal Green, London, England
Esther KIRK|1868|Bethnal Green, London, England
Frederick KIRK|1858|Bethnal Green, London, England
Frederick J C KIRK|1885|Bethnal Green, London, England
George KIRK|1860|Bethnal Green, London, England
Grace R KIRK|1896|Bethnal Green, London, England
Henry KIRK|1860|Bethnal Green, London, England
Isabel M KIRK|1898|Bethnal Green, London, England
Jane KIRK|1823|Plymouth, Devon, England
Jane KIRK|1851|Bethnal Green, London, England
Jane Eliza KIRK|1889|Bethnal Green, London, England
John KIRK|1826|Sandringham, Norfolk, England
John William Thomas KIRK|1849|London, Middlesex, England
Julia KIRK|1862|Bethnal Green, London, England
Matilda KIRK|1854|Bethnal Green, London, England
Minnie KIRK|1874|Whitechapel, London, England
Robert KIRK|1856|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Rose V KIRK|1895|London, England||
Rosina M KIRK|1859|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Katheryn KIRKPATRICK|1898||1941|
Emma Myrtle KIRKTOWN|1895|Holland Center, Ontario, Canada|1981|Newark, Licking, Ohio, United States
Norman KLAUDER||||
Anna KNIGHT||||
Harris KNIGHT|1840|New Brunswick, Canada||
Mary L KNIGHT||||
Elinore Milford Ellen KNOX|1896|Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States|1928|East Whiteland Twp, Chester Co, PA USA
Elizabeth Bessie KNOX|1889|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1986|Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Jane Victoria KNOX|1899|Philadelphia, Pennsylvania|1900|Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jean Gamble KNOX|1901|Philadelphia, PA USA|1986|Philadelphia, PA USA
John KNOX|1853|Drunkendult,Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1904|Philadelphia, PA USA
John B KNOX|1898|Philadelphia, Pennsylvania|1898|Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mary Anne KNOX|1890|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland||
Cora Cena KOEPNICK|1886|,,WI, USA||
Edna KOEPNICK|1889|,,WI, USA|1977|San Diego, California
Regine KOEPNICK|1872|,,WI, USA||
Emil J KOEPNIK|1860|Milwaukee, Wisconsin||
John KOEPNIK||||
Hazel LA BRECK|1902|Iowa|1970|Eau Claire, WI, USA
Frank S LADHOFF|1900||1983|Seattle, King, WA USA
Grace LAFLIN|1896|||
Charles Hugh LANGDON|1866|Battersea,Surrey, England|1914|Surrey, England
Constance S LANGDON|1859|Lavender Hill, Surrey, England||
Elinor LANGDON|1853|Battersea,Surrey, England||
Emma M LANGDON|1850|Brixton, Surrey, England||
Francis Cecil Hugh LANGDON|1891|Mortake, London||
G C LANGDON|1887|Hayes, Middlesex||
George LANGDON|1851|Battersea,Surrey, England||
James LANGDON||||
Madaleine Mary Elizabeth Rose LANGDON|1895|Mortake, London||
Mary LANGDON|1848|Brixton, Surrey, England||
Vincent H LANGDON|1889|Chelsea, Middlesex||
Wallace LANGDON|1856|Lavender Hill, Surrey, England||
William LANGDON|1809|St Stephen by Launceston, Cornwall, England||
William C LANGDON|1855|Battersea,Surrey, England||
Sherman B LAW|1896|,,CT, USA||
Sherman B LAW|1856|,,CT, USA||
John LEEDS||||
Joyce LEEDS|1708|City of London, London, England||
Thomas LEEDS|1690|St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, England||
Elizabeth LEINHART||Canada||
Frances Rosalinda LELAND|1818|Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA|1853|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA
George Edward LEMAISTRE||,,England||
Georgine Eugenie LEMAISTRE|1892|,,England||
Mary LETHLEAN|1782|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
William LETHLEAN|1721||1763|
William LETHLEAN|1743|||
Herbert C LINVILLE||||
Isabella LITTLEFAIR|1856|,,WI, USA||
Thompson LITTLEFAIR||||
Rupert LLOYD||||
William LONGFELLOW||||
Annie LONGMAN|1854|New York||
Annie LONGMAN|1833|New York|1889|Monmouth, New Jersey
Arthur LONGMAN|1847|New York||
Augusta LONGMAN|1861|New York||
Charles LONGMAN|1825|New York||
Charles R LONGMAN|1847|New York||
Delia LONGMAN|1849|New York||
Edward LONGMAN|1852|New York||
Eugenie LONGMAN|1861|New York||
Florence D LONGMAN|1873|New York|1900|
George LONGMAN|1839|New York||
Jesse LONGMAN|1851|New York||
Phebe LONGMAN|1849|New York||
Phebe LONGMAN|1855|New York||
Priscilla LONGMAN|1848|New York||
Robert LONGMAN|1836|New York||
Robert William (nee Young) LONGMAN|1799|Middlesex, England|1864|Brooklyn, Kings, NY, USA
Samuel LONGMAN|1857|New York||
Samuel LONGMAN|1822|,,England||
Susie F LONGMAN|1865|New York||
Victoria LONGMAN|1858|New York||
Walter LONGMAN|1843|New York||
William LONGMAN|1834|New York||
William E LOOS|1905|Illinois||
Della LUKE|1880|Linden, Iowa, Wisconsin, USA||
Margaret LUSCOMBE||||
Charlotte Elizabeth LUTTMAN||London, Stepney England||Poplar, Middlesex, England
John LUTTMAN||||
John LUTTMAN|1827|Bow, Middlesex, England|1895|Stepney, Middlesex England
Marian LUTTMAN|1862|Stepney, Middlesex England||
Mary Ann LUTTMAN|1819|Fobbing, Essex, England||
Mary MARCH||||
Betsey A MARTIN|1817|New Hampshire|1893|Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Olive Elizabeth M MARTIN|1910||1985|Plymouth, Devon, England
Sarah Ann MARTIN|1855|,,WI, USA||
James MASLIN||||
John MASON|1700|,,England|1754|London, England
Joyce MASON|1730|,,England|1783|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Leeds MASON|1733||1800|St Andrew, Middlesex, England
Molly MASON|1735|||
Samuel MASON||||
Susanna MASON|1761|Enfield, Middlesex, England|1842|Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex, England
Susanna MASON|1736|||
Christina MCARTHUR||||
Jean MCARTHUR|1806|Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland||
Margaret MCCALLUM||Scotland||
Charles MCCLURE|1849|Indiana||
Claude MCCLURE|1884|Indiana||
Florence O MCCLURE|1878|Indiana||
Harry C MCCLURE|1888|Greensburg,, KS, USA|1976|Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Martha F MCCLURE|1892|Missouri||
Esther MCCRELLIS|1727|Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States||
Betsy MCCRILLIS|1780|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA|1852|Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
David MCCRILLIS|1754|Deerfield, Rockingham, NH, USA|1825|
David MCCRILLIS|1740|||
Elizabeth MCCRILLIS|1733|New Hampshire, United States|1808|Epping, Rockingham, NH, USA
Hannah MCCRILLIS|1782||1812|
Henry MCCRILLIS|1747|Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States|1814|Sandwich, Carroll, New Hampshire, United States
James MCCRILLIS|1737|Boxford, Essex, MA, USA|1840|Goshen, Sullivan, NH, USA
John MCCRILLIS|1700|Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland|1793|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA
John MCCRILLIS|1675|Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland|1743|Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Nancy MCCRILLIS|1783||1820|
William MCCRILLIS|1758|Deerfield, Rockingham, NH, USA|1813|Epsom, Merrimack, NH, USA
William MCCRILLIS|1735|||Deerfield, Franklin, MA, USA
Archie MCDIARMID||||
Katherine MCDIARMID||||
Mary MCDONALD|1822|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland|1885|
Ann MCGIBBON||Scotland||
Catherine MCGIBBON||Scotland||
Ann MCGREGOR|1806|Druimglaos, Perthshire, Scotland||
Margaret MCGREGOR||Scotland||
Mary MCGREGOR||Scotland||
Archie Ray MCGUIGAN|1896|Indiana|1977|La Porte, La Porte, Indiana, United States of America
Arthur G. MCGUIRE|1881|Whitechapel, Middlesex, England||
Bertha MCGUIRE|1890|London, Middlesex, England||
James MCGUIRE|1889|London, Middlesex, England||
James Henry MCGUIRE|1849|Whitechapel, Middlesex, England||
Joseph MCGUIRE|1878|Whitechapel, Middlesex, England||
Reginald MCGUIRE|1876|Bethnal Green, London, England||
William MCGUIRE|1884|London, Middlesex, England||
Christian MCINTYRE||Scotland||
Maria Jane MCKEOWN|1824|Ireland|1908|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Robert MCKEOWN|1800|,Co Antrim, N Ireland||
Mary MCKERCHAR||Scotland||
MCLELLAN||Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland||
Aaron MCLELLAN|1791|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1878|
Alexander MCLELLAN|1858|Dull, Perthshire, Scotland||
Alexander MCLELLAN|1863|Scotland||
Alexander MCLELLAN|1865|Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland||
Allie Bertha MCLELLAN|1870|La Porte County, Indiana, USA||
Amanda MCLELLAN||||
Andrew MCLELLAN|1836|Cool Spring, La Porte, Indiana, USA|1910|Hudson, La Porte, IN, USA
Andrew Crawford MCLELLAN|1892|La Porte, Indiana, USA|1978|La Porte County, Indiana, USA
Ann MCLELLAN|1835|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland||
Ann MCLELLAN||Scotland||
Ann Elizabeth MCLELLAN|1870|Ontario, Canada||
Anna Phidelia MCLELLAN|1864|Scipio Township, La Porte, IN USA|1938|New Carlisle, Saint Joseph, Indiana
Anne MCLELLAN|1843|Dull, Perthshire, Scotland|1902|
Anne MCLELLAN|1819|Fowlis-Wester, Perthshire, Scotland||
Annie Elizabeth MCLELLAN|1860|Madawaska, Ontario, Canada|1940|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Archibald MCLELLAN|1839|Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland||
Arleigh MCLELLAN|1885|Indiana||
Arleigh H MCLELLAN|1885|Indiana|1954|Hughes,, SD, USA
Arthur MCLELLAN||||
Arthur MCLELLAN|1828|||
Barton MCLELLAN||||
Belding R MCLELLAN|1842|La Porte County, Indiana, USA|1911|
Benjamin MCLELLAN|1813|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA|1893|Saginaw County, Michigan, USA
Bertha Alice MCLELLAN|1870|Indiana|1951|Indiana
Carrie E MCLELLAN|1862|Scipio Township, La Porte, IN USA||
Catherine MCLELLAN|1800|Scotland||
Catherine MCLELLAN|1832|Kenmore, Perthshire||
Catherine MCLELLAN||Scotland||
Catherine MCLELLAN|1840|Druimcharry, Perthshire, Scotland||
Catherine MCLELLAN|1868|Scotland||
Catherine MCLELLAN|1802|Scotland||
Catherine R MCLELLAN|1887|Indiana||
Charles MCLELLAN|1848|Michigan|
Chester Arthur MCLELLAN|1888|Michigan|
Chirsty MCLELLAN|1810|Scotland|
Chloe A MCLELLAN|1872|Indiana|
Christian MCLELLAN|1800|Innerwick in Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland|
Christian MCLELLAN|1841|Scotland|
Clara MCLELLAN|1854|Michigan|
Daniel MCLELLAN|1795|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1863
Dolly MCLELLAN||New Hampshire, USA|
Donald MCLELLAN|1757|Perth, Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1807|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1889|Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1776|Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1774|Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1706|Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1733|Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1804|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1770|Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1849|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland|
Donald MCLELLAN|1805||
Dorothy MCLELLAN|1788|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1815
Duncan MCLELLAN|1730|Perth, Scotland|
Duncan MCLELLAN||Scotland|
Duncan MCLELLAN|1795|Scotland|
Duncan MCLELLAN|1809|Scotland|
Duncan MCLELLAN|1784|Tom, Perthshire|
Duncan MCLELLAN|1809|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1843
Duncan MCLELLAN|1754|Scotland|
Duncan MCLELLAN|1812|Scotland|
Duncan MCLELLAN|1835|Druimcharry, Perthshire, Scotland|
Duncan MCLELLAN||Scotland|
Duncan MCLELLAN|1803|Innerwick in Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland||
Duncan MCLELLAN|1842|Dull, Perthshire, Scotland||
Eddy Taylor MCLELLAN|1857|La Porte County, Indiana, USA|1947|Indiana, USA
Edith Mabel MCLELLAN|1897|Indiana|1986|New Carlisle, St Joseph, Indiana, United States of America
Effie E MCLELLAN|1869|Laporte, Indiana||
Eliza-Ann MCLELLAN|1833|New Hampshire, USA|1894|
Elizabeth MCLELLAN|1804|Scotland||
Elizabeth MCLELLAN|1802|||
Elizabeth MCLELLAN|1786|Scotland||
Elizabeth MCLELLAN|1787|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1827|
Ella MCLELLAN|1857|Michigan||
Ellen MCLELLAN|1843|Scotland||
Ellen C MCLELLAN||||
Elspet MCLELLAN|1769|Scotland||
Elspet MCLELLAN||Scotland||
Eva MCLELLAN|1868|Laporte, Indiana||
Fletcher MCLELLAN|1859|La Porte County, Indiana, USA||
Francis MCLELLAN|1878|Indiana||
Frank MCLELLAN||||
George MCLELLAN|1829|New Hampshire||
George W MCLELLAN|1846|La Porte County, Indiana, USA|1918|Scipio Township, La Porte, IN USA
Glenn Eddy MCLELLAN|1895|La Porte, Ind.|1922|Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM, USA
Grace MCLELLAN|1886|Scotland||
Grace MCLELLAN|1835|Scotland||
Hannah MCLELLAN|1806|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1839|
Huber Dakin MCLELLAN|1890|La Porte, Indiana|1952|Columbus, Franklin, OH, USA
Hugh MCLELLAN|1860|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland||
Isabella MCLELLAN|1842|Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland||
James MCLELLAN|1828|||
James MCLELLAN|1778|Scotland||
James MCLELLAN|1883|Scotland||
Janet Jennie MCLELLAN||||
Jean MCLELLAN|1846|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland||
Jenni-Emelina MCLELLAN||||
Jess MCLELLAN||Scotland||
Jessie MCLELLAN|1887|Scotland||
Jessie MCLELLAN|1855|Scotland||
John-Benjamin MCLELLAN|1862|Michigan|1917|Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan
John MCLELLAN|1867|Perth, Ontario, Canada|1915|Perth, Ontario, Canada
John MCLELLAN|1800|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1837|
John MCLELLAN|1807|Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1837|Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1796|Innerwick in Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1816|Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1856|Dull, Perthshire, Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1832|Monzie, Perthshire||
John MCLELLAN|1788|Scotland||United States
John MCLELLAN|1800|Scotland||United States
John MCLELLAN|1853|Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1767|Perth, Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1837|Druimcharry, Perthshire, Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1766|Scotland||
John MCLELLAN|1837|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland|1901|
John MCLELLAN|1742|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland|1817|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
John Campbell MCLELLAN||Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland||
John W MCLELLAN|1848|Indiana, USA||
Joseph MCLELLAN|1811|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1881|La Porte, La Porte, Indiana, USA
Joseph Walter MCLELLAN|1870|Minnesota||
Julia MCLELLAN|1823||1827|
Katherine MCLELLAN|1887|Indiana||
Katherine MCLELLAN||Scotland||
Katherine MCLELLAN|1871|||
Lewis MCLELLAN|1825||1865|Vermont, United States
Mabel E MCLELLAN|1888|Indiana|1965|
Malcolm MCLELLAN|1727|Perth, Scotland||
Malcolm MCLELLAN|1767|Innerwick in Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland||
Malcolm MCLELLAN|1772|Scotland||
Malcolm MCLELLAN|1728|Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland||
Margaret MCLELLAN||Scotland||
Margaret MCLELLAN|1821|Fowlis-Wester, Perthshire, Scotland||
Margaret MCLELLAN|1884|Raunoch, Perth||
Margaret MCLELLAN|1845|||
Margaret Maggie MCLELLAN|1852|Stratford, Ontario|1930|Perth, Ontario, Canada
Martha MCLELLAN|1875|Indiana||
Martha MCLELLAN|1839||1904|
Martha MCLELLAN|1851|Laporte Co, Indiana||
Mary MCLELLAN|1878|Nethy Bridge, Invernessshire||
Mary MCLELLAN|1856|Dull, Perthshire, Scotland||
Mary MCLELLAN|1852|Laporte, Indiana||
Mary MCLELLAN|1886|||
Mary MCLELLAN|1808|Scotland||
Mary MCLELLAN|1847|Simcoe, Ontario, Canada||
Mary MCLELLAN|1762|Scotland||
Mary MCLELLAN|1837|||
Mary MCLELLAN||New Hampshire, USA||
Minnie MCLELLAN|1870|Laporte, Indiana||
Moses MCLELLAN|1789|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1815|
Nelson MCLELLAN|1852|Michigan, USA|1853|Michigan, USA
Newton MCLELLAN|1869|New Hampshire||
Newton MCLELLAN|1836|New Hampshire|1865|
Ona MCLELLAN|1872|Laporte, Indiana||
Pegg'e MCLELLAN|1806|Scotland||
Peter MCLELLAN|1858|Ontario, Canada||
Peter MCLELLAN|1790|Scotland||
Peter MCLELLAN|1860|Perth, Perthshire||
Peter MCLELLAN|1824|Perth, Perthshire, Scotland|1872|Perth, Ontario, Canada
Plummer MCLELLAN|1842|New Hampshire||
Rachael MCLELLAN|1859|Indiana, USA||
Ralph E MCLELLAN|1882|Iowa||
Ralph Edward MCLELLAN|1882|Benton, Benton, IA, USA||
Rebecca MCLELLAN|1798|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1839|
Ruth M MCLELLAN|1893|Indiana||
Ruth M MCLELLAN|1893|Indiana|1976|Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan
Sarah-Jane MCLELLAN|1839|La Porte County, Indiana, USA|1843|
Sarah MCLELLAN|1805|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA|1839|
Sarah J MCLELLAN|1844|Scipio, La Porte, Indiana|1848|Scipio, La Porte, Indiana
Susan MCLELLAN|1817|Fowlis-Wester, Perthshire, Scotland||
William MCLELLAN|1803|Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States|1869|
William MCLELLAN|1880|Indiana||
William MCLELLAN|1868|Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland||
William MCLELLAN|1859|Michigan||
William MCLELLAN|1776|Scotland||
William MCLELLAN|1830|Scotland||
William MCLELLAN|1879|Scotland||
William Andrew MCLELLAN|1880|Indiana||
William Fletcher MCLELLAN|1859|Scipio Township, La Porte, IN USA||
William Franklin MCLELLAN||||
William Etridge MCLENNAN|1861|Margaree, Nova Scotia, Canada|1940|Hamburg, Erie, NY, USA
William Etridge MCLENNAN|1909|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1909|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Martha MCMULLEN|1793|,Co Antrim, N Ireland||
Elizabeth MCNAUGHTON||Innerwick in Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland||
Elizabeth MEADER|1767||1837|
Mary MERRILL|1803|New Hampshire|1866|
Katherine MESSIAS||Scotland||
Jane MICHELL|1845|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Kitty MICHELL|1848|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Mildred Florence MILES||||
John MINK|1891|Pennsylvania||
Albert MITCHELL|1867|Stepney, Middlesex England||
Albert MITCHELL|1878|Jersey, Channel Islands||
Albert Coverly MITCHELL|1845|Stepney, Middlesex England|1903|Cork, Ireland
Albert Edward William MITCHELL|1909|Dartmouth, Devon, England|1995|Plymouth, Devon, England
Alice Coverly MITCHELL|1877|Honiton, Devon, England|1966|Oak Park, Illinois
Alice May MITCHELL|1872|Gibraltar||
Ann Coverly MITCHELL|1837|||
Anna Maria MITCHELL|1810|||
Annie Hector MITCHELL|1872|Honiton, Devon, England|1929|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Arthur Rock MITCHELL|1903|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1958|Fulton,, GA, USA
Caroline Esther MITCHELL|1870|Crediton, Devon, England|1923|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Charles MITCHELL|1884|Iowa||
Cora MITCHELL|1883|Iowa||
Cypris MITCHELL|1874|Pennsylvania||
Daisy MITCHELL||Bow E, London, England||
Dolly Rose MITCHELL|1882|South Yorkshire, Yorkshire - West Riding, United Kingdom||
Edith Maud MITCHELL|1873|Gibraltar||
Edward Coverly MITCHELL|1839|West Stepney, Lower Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, England||
Eliza MITCHELL|1846|Camborne, Cornwall, England|1921|Mineral Point City, Iowa, Wisconsin
Eliza Coverly MITCHELL|1849|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Elizabeth MITCHELL|1876|Castle Cornet, Guernsey||
Elizabeth MITCHELL|1808|St Luke Old Street,Finsbury,London England||
Ellen MITCHELL|1856|Stepney, Middlesex, England||
Esther Coverly MITCHELL|1842|Stepney, Middlesex, England|1907|Hackney, London, Eng
Ethel Alberta MITCHELL||Dartmouth, Devon, England||
Freda Maud MITCHELL||Dartmouth, Devon, England||
Gifford Coverly MITCHELL|1882|Saint George, Gloucester, England|1882|Bristol,, England
Gladys Irene MITCHELL||Dartmouth, Devon, England||
Hanley MITCHELL|1904|Prince Albert, SK Canada|1965|Saskatoon, SK Canada
Hannah MITCHELL|1890|Iowa||
Hector Coverly MITCHELL|1879|Bristol,, England|1957|Norfolk, VA USA
James MITCHELL|1849|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Jessy MITCHELL||Stepney, Middlesex England||
John MITCHELL|1843|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
John MITCHELL|1812|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
John Bidgood MITCHELL|1803|St Luke Old Street,Finsbury,London England||
John Coverly MITCHELL|1833|Bethnal Green, London, England||Miles End, Middlesex, London, England
Lily MITCHELL|1880|Jersey, Channel Islands|1880|Jersey, Channel Islands
Lucy Jane MITCHELL|1865|Bermuda|1945|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Mabel MITCHELL|1906|Prince Albert, SK Canada|1944|
Mabel DeCoverly MITCHELL|1882|Bristol,, England|1973|Kimberling City, Stone, MO, USA
Margaret MITCHELL|1820|London, Middlesex England||
Martha MITCHELL|1824|St Lukes, Middlesex, England||
Mary MITCHELL|1803|St Luke Old Street,Finsbury,London England||
Mary Ann MITCHELL|1835|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Maude Coverly MITCHELL|1874|Honiton, Devon, England|1965|Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
May MITCHELL|1892|Plymouth, Devon, England||
Minnie Helen MITCHELL|1868|Crediton, Devon, England|1918|Waterford, Racine, WI USA
Olive May MITCHELL|1900|Dartmouth, Devon, England|1975|Exeter, Devon, England
Rose MITCHELL|1880|Jersey, Channel Islands|1880|Jersey, Channel Islands
Samuel Coverly MITCHELL|1853|Stepney, Middlesex, United Kingdom||
Stanley MITCHELL||Bow E, London, England||Poplar, Middlesex, England
Susannah Margaret MITCHELL|1813|St Lukes, Middlesex, England||
Thomas MITCHELL|1856|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Thomas MITCHELL|1842|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Violet MITCHELL|1892|Mile End Old Town, Stepney, Middlesex||
William MITCHELL||||
William MITCHELL|1861|MIddlesex, Bethnal Green||
William MITCHELL|1881|Pennsylvania||
William MITCHELL|1852|Camborne, Cornwall, England||,,WI, USA
William de Coverly MITCHELL|1834|St Luke, Middlesex|1908|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
William Frederick MITCHELL|1863|Naas, Kildare, Ireland|1936|Birch Hills,, SK, Canada
Winnie MITCHELL|1895|Mile End Old Town, Stepney, Middlesex||
Winnie Bertha MITCHELL|1907|Dartmouth, Devon, England|1984|Newton Abbott, Devon, England
Elizabeth MONKS||||
Sarah MOODY|1741||1777|
John MOORE|1889|Pennsylvania||
Mary W. MOORE|1840|Texas||
Julia A MOOREHOUSE|1848|Indiana|1911|La Porte Co, IN
Alfred MORRELL|1852|St Pancras||
Ellen Nancy MORRELL|1859|St Pancras, London, England||
Ernest J MORRELL|1866|Marylebone||
George MORRELL|1848|St Pancras||
Jane MORRELL|1823|Hackney||
Jane E MORRELL|1854|St Pancras||
Robert Matthew MORRELL|1824|Bermondsey, Surrey, England||
Robert W MORRELL|1847|St Giles||
Rose A MORRELL|1863|St Pancras||
Mabel Madeline MORRIS|1887|Indiana USA||
Sallie MURRISH|1815|,,England||
Elizabeth NAYLOR|1801|Enfield, Middlesex, England||
Emma NAYLOR|1800|St Andrew, Enfield, Middlesex, England||
Frederick Leeds NAYLOR|1820|Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex, England|1860|Kent, Sussex, United Kingdom
George Daniels NAYLOR|1809|Enfield, Middlesex, England|1883|Enfield, Middlesex, England
Leeds Mason NAYLOR|1792|St Andrew, Middlesex, England|1792|,,England
Mary Anne NAYLOR|1782|Ponders End, Middlesex, England|1869|Kensington & Chelsea
Thomas NAYLOR|1794|St Andrew, Middlesex, England||
William NAYLOR|1779|St Andrew, Middlesex, England|1863|Middlesex, England
William NAYLOR||||
William Baker NAYLOR|1751||1826|Middlesex
William Baker NAYLOR|1807|Enfield, Middlesex, England|1889|Enfield, Middlesex, England
Hulda NELSON|1857|Sweden||
Adelaide Helen NEWMAN|1891|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1919|Wilmette, Cook, Illinois, United States of America
James L NEWMAN Jr||Waukegan, IL USA||
James L NEWMAN Sr||||
Ann NICHOLAS|1801|,Cornwall, England||Gwithian, Cornwall, England
Andrew Jackson NOBLE||||
Edith Mae NOBLE|1877|Waldwick, Iowa, Wisconsin, USA||
Joseph NORCROSS|1725|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA|1766|
Rachel NORCROSS|1750|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA|1812|Mt Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, United States
Mary NORMAN|1674||1724|Hoxton, Middlesex, England
Agnes NORTHEND||||
Addison L NUTE|1846|Wolfeborough, Carroll, NH, USA|1880|Lowell City, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Edith Victoria OLSON|1898|Michigan||
Leander Joseph ORR|1889|Ohio|1973|West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America
James PADFIELD|1802|||
Sarah PAINE|1678|,Burlington, NJ, USA|1728|,Burlington, NJ, USA
Emiline PALMER|1817|New York|1890|
Olive PARR|1808|Grantham, Berkshire||
William Joseph PARSON||||
Isabel PATTISON|1878|Coleraine, Londonderry, Northern Ireland|1952|Doylestown, Bucks, PA, USA
John PATTISON|1858|Coleraine, Londonderry, Northern Ireland||
John PATTISON||Ireland||
Mary Jane Mae PATTISON|1879|Coleraine, Londonderry, Northern Ireland|1967|Zillah, Yakima, WA, USA
Robert PATTISON|1857|Coleraine, Londonderry, Northern Ireland|1932|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Sarah PEAIRSON||||
Annie PEASE|1863|Indiana, USA|1946|
James Clarence PEASE|1856|Plumstead, Kent, England||
James William PEASE|1822|||
William PEASE||||
Arthur F PEVERLEY|1876|Kansas||
Charles P PEVERLY|1878|Kansas||
Horace E PEVERLY|1842|New Hampshire, USA||
Jeremiah W Freeman PEVERLY|1840|Canterbury, Merrimack, NH, USA||
Mary E PEVERLY|1850|New Hampshire, USA||
Thomas PEVERLY|1803|New Hampshire|1875|Toronto, Woodson, Kansas, USA
Ann POCOCK|||1779|
Thomas William POOLE|1868|||
Mary POPE|1816|Illogan, Cornwall, England||
Abigail PRESCOTT||||
Patience PRICKETT|1726|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1822|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Gordon PRITCHARD||||
Albert Henry QUESNEL|1907|St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey, Channel Islands||
Molly QUESNEL||||
Nicholas James QUESNEL|1878|St Peter Port, Guernsey||
Phyllis Rose QUESNEL|1911|St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands|2005|St Peter Port Gsy Chi
Phyllis Rose QUESNEL|1907|St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey, Channel Islands|2005|
Reginald James QUESNEL|1909|St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands||
Mary QUIMBY||||
Mary RADDON||||
Frank A RANDALL|1884|Illinois, USA||
George S. RANSOM|1821|New York||
William E. RANSOM|1869|Pennsylvania||
Arthur REED|1878|Indiana||
George Owen REED|1885|Indiana||
George W REED|1851|Indiana||
Harry C REED|1891|Indiana||
Phidelia REED|1809|New York, USA|1876|Scipio, La Porte, Indiana
Rebecca REED|1842|Indiana|1929|
Robert Wilson REED|1886|La Porte County, Indiana, USA|1940|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Walter L. REED|1875|Indiana||
Jacob Rhoads RIBLETT|1845|||
Albert RICHARDSON|1890|Illinois, USA||
Elizabeth RICHARDSON|1891|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1961|Seffner, Hillsborough, Florida, USA
Elizabeth RICHARDSON|1862|Illinois||
Henriette RICHARDSON|1894|Illinois, USA||
Henry Merrill RICHARDSON|1888|,,IL, USA|1975|San Diego, CA USA
Mavis RICHARDSON|1904|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA||
Peter H RICHARDSON|1857|Racine, Racine, Wisconsin, USA||
Richard H RICHARDSON|1897|Illinois|1974|La Grange, Cook, Illinois, United States of America
Richard Henry RICHARDSON|1860|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1926|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Richard K RICHARDSON|1826|Prussia||
Ruth E RICHARDSON|1911|Minneapois, Minnesota|2003|Temecula, Riverside, California, United States of America
Hester RICHMOND||||
James RICHMOND||||
Joseph RICHMOND|1840|Rhode Island||
Mildred RICHMOND|1888|Illinois||
Warren RICHMOND|1895|Illinois||
Edward W RIDLEY||Stepney, Middlesex England||
Thomas RIDLEY||||
William RIDLEY|1797|Birmingham, Warwickshire, England||
Sarah ROBINSON||||
B William ROCK|1882|IN USA||
Isabella Stockwell ROCK|1882|Evansville,, IN, USA|1967|Norfolk, VA USA
William ROCK|1845|VA USA||
Isabel RODMAN||Ireland||
Joseph Boswell ROGERS|1844|St Savouds, Surrey, England||
Margaret Mary ROGERS|1823|Frome, Somerset, England|1902|Middlesex, United Kingdom
Hannah ROLFE|1708||1779|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Elizabeth ROSE|1826|,,Germany||
George ROSSOW|1878|||
Annie Emery RUCKMAN|1856|Pennsylvania|1860|Alabama, USA
Isaac M RUCKMAN|||1857|New York City, NY USA
Mina RUSTLING|1878|Michigan, USA||
William RYDE||||
Ada Alice SAMPSON|1865|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Joseph SAMPSON||||
Frances Ann SANBORN||||
Mary SANBORN|1804|New Hampshire|1853|
Simon D SANBORN||||
Leslie SANDERS|1884|Illinois||
Mary SAWYER|1672|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1744|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Mary SAWYER|1660|Newbury, Essex, MA|1699|Newbury, Essex, MA
William SAWYER||||
Eliza SCHUNTER|1822|Bethnal Green, London, England||
George SCHUNTER||||
Anne SEWALL|1662|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1706|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Dorothy SEWALL|1668|||
Hannah SEWALL|1649|||
Henry SEWALL|1614|Baddesley, Hants, England||
Jane SEWALL|1659|
John SEWALL|1654|
Mehitable SEWALL|1665|
Samuel SEWALL|1652|
Stephen SEWALL|1657|
Susan Fletcher SHAMMOND|1865|Luhfield, Staffordshire, England
Ann SHANNON|1852|Bethnal Green, London, England
Emmeline SHANNON|1862|Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
John SHANNON|1842|Mile End, Middlesex, England
John Alexander SHANNON|1823|Bethnal Green, London, England
Martha SHANNON|1848|Bethnal Green, London, England
Mary SHANNON|1817|Aldgate, Middlesex, England
Mary Jane SHANNON|1845|Southwark
Rachel SHANNON|1855|USA British Subject
Thomas SHANNON|1857|Saint Louis, United States; USA British Subject
Willm Hy SHANNON|1846|St Georges E, Middlesex, England||
Mary SHATWELL|||1694|Newbury, Essex, MA
Charlotte Rachel SHAW||Shoreditch, Middlesex, England||
James SHAW|1850|St Botolph||
James Atkinson SHAW|1826|Westminster, Middlesex, England||
Martha SHAW|1848|St Botolph||
Melinda SHEAD|1850|Indiana||
Henry SHORT|1652|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1706|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Mehetable SHORT|1696|Newbury, Essex CO, MA|1773|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Sarah SHORT|1753||1783|
Esther SHRIMPTON||||
Frank O SHUMAN|1869|Noble Co, OH USA||
Kate Fey SHUMAN||||
Jane P SINCOX|1872|Illinois||
John SINCOX|1845|,,England||
Samuel SINCOX|1877|Illinois||
Edison W SLOCUM|1884|Michigan||
Esther SLOCUM|1897|Michigan||
James A. SLOCUM|1875|New York||
Mabel E. SLOCUM|1871|Michigan||
James J SMIDL||||
James V SMIDL|1886|Illinois, USA|1962|Hillsborough, Florida, United States
Hannah SMITH||||
Sperry SMITH||||
Annie Eliza SOLLOWAY|1871|Hudson, La Porte, IN, USA||
Charles SOLLOWAY|1862|Laporte, Indiana||
Elizabeth SOLLOWAY|1853|Laporte, Indiana||
Emma SOLLOWAY|1852|Indiana||
Ira SOLLOWAY|1860|Laporte, Indiana||
Julia SOLLOWAY|1857|Laporte, Indiana||
Lee SOLLOWAY|1859|Indiana||
Christian C SOLOWAY|1885|Indiana||
Clominda SOLOWAY|1863|Ohio||
John E SOLOWAY|1888|Indiana||
Louisa B SOLOWAY|1893|Indiana||
Nina C SOLOWAY|1886|Indiana||
Emily SPENCER|1835|New Hampshire, USA||
Franklin SPENCER|1833|New Hampshire, USA||
Nathaniel SPENCER|1804|New Hampshire||
Rosina SPENCER|1832|New Hampshire, USA|1891|
Selma E SPIKER|1890||1971|Lantry, Dewey, South Dakota, United States of America
Arthur E STEELE|1883|Illinois||
Marjorie I STEELE|1910|Illinois||
Albert Mitchell STEPHENS|1879|Linden, Iowa, Wisconsin, USA|1964|Edgerton, Rock, WI, USA
Ann STEPHENS|1862|,,WI, USA||
Caroline STEPHENS|1849|,,WI, USA||
Earl L STEPHENS|1904|Mineral Point City, Iowa, Wisconsin|1975|Milton, Rock, Wisconsin, United States of America
Elizabeth STEPHENS|1845|,Cornwall, England||
Emma STEPHENS|1869|,,WI, USA||
Harold STEPHENS|1906|,,WI, USA|1985|
Hazel STEPHENS|1901|,,WI, USA||
Henry STEPHENS|1842|,Cornwall, England||
James STEPHENS||||
James STEPHENS|1860|,,WI, USA||
James W STEPHENS|1814|,Cornwall, England|1897|Linden, Iowa, Wisconsin, United States
Joseph STEPHENS|1846|,Cornwall, England||
Thomas STEPHENS||,,WI, USA||
Ann STEWART||Scotland||
Betty STEWART||Scotland||
Margaret STEWART||||
Sarah Y STEWART|1880|||
William E STIMPSON|1885|Illinois|1965|Minocqua, Oneida, Wisconsin, United States of America
Henry J STONE|1899|Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England||
Henry James STONE|1860|Merthyr, Glamorgan, Wales||
Caroline Angel STRANGER||||
Lucy Ann STRANGER|1843|Newton Abbott, Devon, England|1908|Huerfano,, CO USA
Homer W SUTTER|1873|Illinois|1932|Zillah, Yakima, WA, USA
Margaret SUTTER|1911|Yakima, Washington|1993|Seattle, King, Washington, United States of America
Winifred SUTTER|1907|Iowa|1997|Nez Perce, ID, USA
Eugene SYLVESTER|1908|Colorado Springs,, CO,, USA|1988|Piqua, Miami, Ohio, United States of America
Irving SYLVESTER|1895|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1918|Camp Taylor, ,KY, USA
James H SYLVESTER|1869|Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada|1931|Euclid, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
Jeane Francis SYLVESTER|1908|Colorado Springs,, CO,, USA|1994|Tipp City, Miami, OH USA
Margaret SYM|1799|Perth, Perthshire, Scotland||
Constance SYMONS||,,England||
James W TABB||||
James W TABB||||
Alexander TAGGART|1815|Fort Town, Ballymoney, Antrim, N Ireland|1888|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Alexander TAGGART , Jr|1851|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1908|Bootown Ballyrashane, Co Antrim, N Ireland
Alice Coleman TAGGART||||
Annie Jane TAGGART||||
Bessie TAGGART|1881|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1971|Evanston, Cook, IL, USA
David Getty TAGGART|1882|,Co Antrim, N Ireland|1959|Boise,, ID, USA
David Getty TAGGART|1860|,Co Antrim, N Ireland|1938|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Elizabeth TAGGART|1895|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1895|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Elizabeth TAGGART|1895|Illinois|1895|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Elizabeth Lizzie TAGGART|1858|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1935|Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Frank Elsworth TAGGART|1885|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1964|Baraboo, Sauk, WI, USA
George Herbert TAGGART|1893|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1945|Victoria, Texas
Grace TAGGART|1894|Illinois|1929|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Hessie I TAGGART|1893|Illinois|1960|Morton Grove, IL
Isabelle TAGGART|1904|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA||NJ USA
James TAGGART|1848|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1849|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland
John TAGGART|1790|,Co Antrim, N Ireland||
John TAGGART , Sr|1877|Tullycapple, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1959|Tullycapple, Co Antrim, N Ireland
John A TAGGART|1845|Ireland|1920|Wilmette, Cook, Illinois, USA
John Alexander TAGGART|1883|Illinois|1946|,Cook, IL, USA
Lyda O TAGGART|1874|Illinois|1961|Evanston, Cook, IL, USA
Mary Earley TAGGART||||
Matilda TAGGART|1864|,Co Antrim, N Ireland|1932|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Michael Alexander TAGGART||||
Robert TAGGART|1880|Tullycapple, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1963|
Robert Alexander TAGGART|1898|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1977|Birmingham, Oakland, MI, USA
Robert Getty TAGGART|1853|Garry Ballymoney, Co Anthrim, N Ireland|1935|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Sarah TAGGART|1855|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1868|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland
Sarah TAGGART|1878|BalleyVelton, Ballyrashane, Co Antrim, N Ireland||
Sarah TAGGART|1867|Ballymoney, Co Antrim, N Ireland|1910|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Wanda TAGGART|1901|Indiana, USA||
Amelia Ann Parr TENNANT|1842|Thatcham, Berkshire, England||
Ann TENNANT|1745|Charlbury, Oxford, England||
Betty TENNANT|1741|Charlbury, Oxford, England||
Caroline TENNANT|1833|Thatcham, Berkshire, England||
Charles TENNANT|1807|||
Clara TENNANT|1845|Thatcham, Berkshire, England||
Emma TENNANT|1835|Thatcham, Berkshire, England||
George TENNANT|||1747|Charlbury, Oxford, England
George TENNANT|1764||1775|
George TENNANT|1777|||
George TENNANT|1738|Charlbury, Oxford, England|1784|City of London, London, England
George TENNANT|1805|||
George TENNANT|1773|||
James TENNANT|1816|||
John TENNANT|1792|Newbury, Berkshire, England||
John TENNANT|1811|||
Joseph TENNANT|1821|||
Joseph TENNANT|1769||1788|
Maria Meriah TENNANT||Newbury, Berkshire, England||
Mary TENNANT|1773|Newbury, Berkshire, England||
Mary TENNANT|1809|||
Mary TENNANT|1775|||
Mary I TENNANT|1848|Thatcham, Berkshire, England||
Olivia TENNANT|1837|Thatcham, Berkshire, England||
Priscilla TENNANT|1779|||
Priscilla TENNANT|1809|Newbury, Berkshire, England||
Priscilla TENNANT|1770|Newbury, Berkshire, England|1821|London, England
Richard TENNANT|1775|||
Richard TENNANT|1802|Newbury, Berkshire, England||
Richard TENNANT|1747|Charlbury, Oxford, England||
Sarah Ann TENNANT|1830|||
William TENNANT|1743|Charlbury, Oxford, England||
William TENNANT|1766||1767|
Constance A TERRELL|1843|Kidbrooke, Kent, England||
Francis Arnold Hull TERRELL|1848|Kidbrook, Kent, England||
Gertrude Hull TERRELL|1841|Kidbrooke, Kent, England||
Hull TERRELL|1811|St Renian, Essex, England||
John TERRELL||||
Amy THOMAS|1841|,,England|1929|Warren, JoDaviess, Illinois
Ann THOMAS|1853|Camborne, Cornwall, England|1914|Galena, Jo Daviess, IL, USA
Archibald Joseph THOMAS|1888|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1972|Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, California, USA
Bernice THOMAS|1911|Iowa||
Carl Bertram THOMAS|1882|,,WI, USA||
Charles THOMAS|1855|,,WI, USA||
Charlotte THOMAS|1839|Cheaphill, London, England||
Edgar A THOMAS|1868|,,WI, USA||
Eva L THOMAS|1884|,,WI, USA||
Grace THOMAS|1857|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Grace Lucille THOMAS|1892|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1963|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Henry THOMAS|1821|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Henry THOMAS|1855|,,WI, USA|1926|Scales Mound, Jo Daviess, Illinois, USA
Jacob THOMAS||Camborne, Cornwall, England||
Jacob THOMAS|1849|,,WI, USA|1920|Council Hill, Jo Daviess, IL, USA
Jacob THOMAS|1873|,,WI, USA||
James THOMAS|1822|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
James THOMAS|1848|,,WI, USA||
Jane THOMAS|1851|,,WI, USA||
John THOMAS|1856|,,WI, USA||
John Mitchell Shorty THOMAS|1871|Hazel Green, Grant, WI, USA|1953|Lacona, Warren, Iowa
Joseph THOMAS|1846|,,WI, USA||
Joseph THOMAS|1825|Camborne, Cornwall, England|1873|
Joseph Henry THOMAS|1861|Gwithian, Cornwall, England|1935|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Laura B THOMAS|1879|,,WI, USA||
Laura M. THOMAS|1870|,,WI, USA||
Leta Bernice THOMAS|1888|,,WI, USA||
Letta THOMAS|1885|Iowa||
Louisa THOMAS|1847|,,WI, USA||
Martha THOMAS|1853|,,WI, USA||
Mary THOMAS|1855|Camborne, Cornwall, England|1904|Mineral Point, Wisconsin, USA
Mary THOMAS|1840|,,England||
Mary E THOMAS|1894|,,WI, USA||
Mildred THOMAS|1897|,,WI, USA||
Minnie Elvira THOMAS|1885|,,WI, USA||
Oscar U. THOMAS|1874|,,WI, USA||
Richard THOMAS|1894|,,WI, USA||
Richard THOMAS|1812|Camborne, Cornwall, England|1881|Shullsburg, Lafayette, Wisconsin, USA
Richard THOMAS|1843|,,WI, USA||
Robert E THOMAS|1909|Iowa||
Rosa THOMAS|1858|,,WI, USA||
Roscoe Clarence THOMAS|1883|,,WI, USA||
Ruby THOMAS|1903|,,WI, USA||
Sarah Elizabeth THOMAS|1889|,,WI, USA||
Sarah O. THOMAS|1876|,,WI, USA||
Stella Irene THOMAS|1882|,,WI, USA||
Walter Mitchell THOMAS|1896|Mineral Point City, Iowa, Wisconsin||
William THOMAS|1844|,,WI, USA||
William THOMAS|1785|Camborne, Cornwall, England||
William J THOMAS|1865|Gwithian, Cornwall, England|1882|United States
William J THOMAS|1876|,,WI, USA||
Harry Alvin THORN|1894|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1981|Sylva, Jackson, North Carolina
Henry Thomas TIDDER|1876|Stepney, London, England||
Elizabeth TILLEY|1794|Norton Fourgate, London England|1837|Whitechapel, London England
Elizabeth Edith TILLEY|1792|||
Richard TILLEY||||
Alfred TILTON||||
Florence TILTON||||
Forest TILTON||||
Fred TILTON||||
Freda TILTON||||
Edna Estelle TISDALE|1900|Iowa|1967|Baraboo, Sauk, WI, USA
Beatrice TOAY|1906|,,WI, USA||
Francis TOAY|1909|,,WI, USA||
John TOAY|1880|,,WI, USA||
Tassie TOAY|1911|,,WI, USA||
Ann Mary TRELIVING|1795|Antony, Cornwall, England||
William TRELIVING||||
Ann TRETHY||||
Thomas TRETHY||||St Veep, Cornwall, England
Cornelius TRYNER||||
Elizabeth TULL||Stoke Newington, London, England||
Alfred TURNER|1855|Bethnal Green, London, England||
George TURNER|1870|Bow||
George TURNER|1855|Bethnal Green, London, England||
James TURNER||||
James TURNER||Bethnal Green, London, England||
Martha TURNER|1841|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Mary TURNER|1868|Bow||
Sarah TURNER|1847|Bethnal Green, London, England||
William TURNER|1866|Bow||
William TURNER|1814|Bethnal Green, London, England||
William TURNER|1843|Bethnal Green, London, England||
Dolly VARNUM|1780|Dracut, Middlesex, MA, USA|1850|Thornton, NH
Mary VARNUM||||
Prudence VARNUM||||
Alfred Joseph VEALE|1861|Bristol,, England||
Amy Louisa VEALE|1866|Bristol,, England||
Arthur VEALE||||
Charlotte VEALE|1862|Hambrook, Gloucestershire||
Charlotte VEALE|1857|St stephens, Norwich||
Charlotte Joyce VEALE|1835|Shoreditch St Leonard, Middlesex, England|1835|Shoreditch St Leonard, Middlesex, England,
Edward John VEALE|1826|Holborn, London, England|1915|Bristol,, England
Edward W VEALE|1855|Hardingham, Norfolk, England||
Elizabeth VEALE|1792|Cornwood, Devon, England||
Frederick John VEALE|1870|Bristol,, England||
Gertrude Kate VEALE|1870|Bristol,, England||
Helen Edith VEALE|1866|Bristol,, England||
John VEALE|1784||1851|,,England
John Roger de Coverly VEALE|1860|St Philip, Bristol||
William VEALE|1787|Cornwood, Devon, England||
William C B VEALE|1859|Bristol,, England||
William Coverly VEALE|1829|Devonport, Devon, England||
William George. VEALE|1863|Bristol,, England||
Cloyd Frank WALTMAN|1889|Watsontown, Lycoming, PA|1940|Reading, Berks, PA
Caroline WALTON||Hampton, Middlesex, England||
Charles WALTON|1828|||
Clifford WALTON|1837|Hampton, Middlesex, England||
E Louisa WALTON|1825|Hampton, Middlesex, England||
Frederica WALTON|1836|||
Granville WALTON|1840|Hampton, Middlesex, England||
Henry Valentine WALTON|1839|Hampton, Middlesex, England||
Hubert Isack WALTON|1834|Hampton, Middlesex, England||
Isabella Georgiana WALTON|1844|Hampton, Middlesex, England||
Octavius Frank WALTON|1844|Hampton, Middlesex, England||
Philadelphia WALTON|1784|Reading, Berkshire, England|1830|St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Sarah P WALTON|1842|Hampton, Middlesex, England||
Sophia Lucy WALTON|1786|Reading, Berkshire, England||
William WALTON|1794|Reading, Berkshire, England|1889|Hampton, Middlesex, England
William WALTON|1822|||
William WALTON|1744||1823|Reading, Berkshire, England
Henrietta WARD||Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA||
Lydia A WARD|1828|New Hampshire|1911|Quincy, Adams, Illinois, USA
Albert Marion WARNER|1869|Illinois|1921|Michigan, USA
Francis Frost WARREN||||
George Frost WARREN||||
James WARREN||||
James WARREN||||
Sarah WARREN|1793|Crediton, Devon, England||
William WARREN||||
William WARREN||||
Mary WARRINGTON|1723|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1757|
Alexander WATTON||||
Clara WEBSTER|1851|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA||
Elizabeth WEBSTER|1845|Concord, Merrimack, NH, USA|1922|Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire
Freeman WEBSTER|1808|Boscawen, Merrimack, NH, USA|1892|
Susannah WEBSTER|1742|Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States|1822|
Caroline WEIHE|1841|,,Germany||
Edward G WEIHE|1872|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA||
Edward Hoffman WEIHE|1894|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1952|Pinellas, Florida, United States
Emma WEIHE|1876|Illinois||
Hattie WEIHE|1882|||
Henry WEIHE|1866|Illinois||
John WEIHE|1840|,,Germany||
Nancy Ward WEIHE||||
Sophia WEIHE||||
Phillip WEST||||
Ann Rebecca WHETTON|1865|Mile End, London, England||
Clarence Ray WHITFIELD|1881|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA|1934|Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
Agnes Ellen Rebecca WHYBROW|1864|Chigwell, Essex, England|1945|Florida, Transvaal, South Africa
Edith W WIDMER|1885|New Hampshire||
Fred E WIDMER|1880|New Hampshire||
Frederick WIDMER|1838|Ohio||
Charles WIGMORE|1887|Hackney, London, England||
Emma WIGMORE|1854|Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England||
Ethel WIGMORE|1888|Hackney, London, England||
Herbert WIGMORE|1880|Islington, London, England||
May WIGMORE|1882|Islington, London, England||
Rose WIGMORE|1886|Hackney, London, England||
Thomas John WIGMORE|1853|Borough, London, England||
William WIGMORE|1882|Islington, London, England||
Alfred Taft WILLIAMS|1889|Dubuque, Dubuque, IA, USA|1945|Moline, Rock Island, Illinois, USA
Honor WILLIAMS|1848|,,WI, USA||
William JJ WILLS||||
Alfred WILSON|1904|NSW Australia|1968|Brisbane,, Queensland, Australia
Frances WINKWORTH||||
Rebecca WOODHOUSE|1829|Norwich, Norfolk, England||
Abigail WOODMAN|1737|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1780|Haverhill, Essex, MA, USA
Daniel WOODMAN|1734|||
Edward WOODMAN|1628|Christian Malford, Wiltshire, England|1694|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Edward WOODMAN|1606|Corsham, Wiltshire, England||
Edward WOODMAN|1669|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1746|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Elizabeth WOODMAN|1744|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1791|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
John WOODMAN|1704|Newbury, Essex, MA|1787|Newbury, Essex, MA
John WOODMAN|1726||1726|
Joseph WOODMAN|1748||1807|
Judith WOODMAN|1742|Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts, USA||
Nathaniel WOODMAN|1729|||
Priscilla WOODMAN|1740|Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA|1825|West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Rebecca WOODMAN|1746|Newbury, Essex, MA|1788|Sanbornton, NH USA
Sarah WOODMAN|1728|||
Abigail WOOLMAN|1797|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1862|Olive, St Joseph, Indiana, United States
Abigail WOOLMAN|1784||1787|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Abigail WOOLMAN|1789|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA|1859|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Abner WOOLMAN|1724|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1771|Mansfield, Burlington, New Jersey, United States
Abner WOOLMAN||Pennsylvania, USA||
Abraham WOOLMAN|1795|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1838|Clinton,, OH, USA
Abraham WOOLMAN|1737|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1784|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA
Ann WOOLMAN|1778||1796|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, USA
Asher WOOLMAN|1722|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1796|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Asher WOOLMAN|1795|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, USA|1866|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, USA
Beulah WOOLMAN|1770|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA|1822|
Eber WOOLMAN|1812|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1857|South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana, United States
Eber WOOLMAN|1768|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1844|St. Joseph County, Indiana
Ebner WOOLMAN|1739|Northampton, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1760|New Jersey, United States
Edith WOOLMAN|1805|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA|1879|Marshall, Indiana, United States
Edith WOOLMAN|1776|Northampton, Burlington, New Jersey, USA|1850|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, USA
Elizabeth WOOLMAN|1780|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, USA|1853|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA
Elizabeth WOOLMAN|1715|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1747|Mount Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, United States
Esther WOOLMAN|1730|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1779|New Garden, Randolph, North Carolina, United States
Granville WOOLMAN|1774|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA|1854|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, USA
Hannah WOOLMAN|1726|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1795|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Hannah WOOLMAN|1786|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA|1792|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Hannah WOOLMAN|1792|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1843|Clinton,, OH, USA
Helena WOOLMAN|1718|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1795|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA
John WOOLMAN|1720|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1772|York, Yorkshire, England
John WOOLMAN|1655|Painswick, Gloucestershire, England|1718|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Jonah WOOLMAN|1733|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1799|Mt Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, United States
Jonah WOOLMAN|1733|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States||
Joseph WOOLMAN|1791|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1844|Green, Adams, OH, USA
Mary Elizabeth WOOLMAN|1798|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1861|Hudson Twp, La Porte Co, IN, USA
Rachel WOOLMAN|1735|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1798|Mt Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, United States
Rachel WOOLMAN|1804|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1860|Maryville, Nodaway, Missouri, United States
Rachel Wilson WOOLMAN|1782|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA|1848|Long Beach, Ocean, New Jersey, USA
Rebecca WOOLMAN|1772|Rancocas, Burlington County, New Jersey|1844|St. Joseph County, Indiana
Rebecca Ann WOOLMAN|1810|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1849|
Samuel WOOLMAN|1690|Mansfield, Burlington, New Jersey, USA|1755|Mansfield, Burlington, New Jersey, USA
Samuel Fothergill WOOLMAN|1793|,Burlington, NJ, USA|1834|Willingboro, Burlington, New Jersey, USA
Samuel Newton WOOLMAN|1800|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA|1879|Grant,, IN, United States
Sara WOOLMAN|1814|||
Sarah WOOLMAN|1717|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1750|Burlington, Burlington, NJ, USA
Susan WOOLMAN|1814|Evesham, Burlington, NJ, USA||Young, Texas, United States
Uriah WOOLMAN|1728|Rancocas, Burlington, New Jersey, United States|1804|Mt Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, United States
Anna WRIGHT|1872|New York||
Carrie WRIGHT|1868|New York||
Lulu WRIGHT|1870|New York||
Ralph WRIGHT|1875|New York||
Sarah WRIGHT||||
Ebenezer YOUNG|1803|||
Hilkiah Samuel YOUNG|1775||1840|Bethnal Green, London, England
Joseph YOUNG|1801|||
Sarah YOUNG||||
Charles R YOUNGBLOOD|1869|Michigan||
Robert A YOUNGBLOOD|1902|Illinois||
Hans ZIEBARTH|1911|Frankfurt A Main,, Germany|1984|Dayton, Montgomery, OH, USA
Annie (Brooks)||
Marth Jane (Brookins)|1873|, Donegal, Ireland
Sarah (Brookins)|1828|, Donegal, Ireland
Sarah (Brookins)|1865|, Donegal, Ireland
Agnes BROOKINS|1901|, Donegal, Ireland
Alexander BROOKINS|1889|, Donegal, Ireland
Alexander BROOKINS|1855|, Donegal, Ireland
Alice BROOKINS|1898|, Donegal, Ireland
Charles BROOKINS|1865|Moville, Donegal, Ireland
Charles BROOKINS||
David BROOKINS|1885|, Donegal, Ireland
Elearnor Jane BROOKINS||
Eliza BROOKINS|1895|, Donegal, Ireland
Eliza Anne BROOKINS|1867|Moville, Donegal, Ireland
Eliza Jane BROOKINS|1897|, Donegal, Ireland
Ellen Jane BROOKINS|1860|, Donegal, Ireland
George Alex BROOKINS|1900|, Donegal, Ireland
Isabella BROOKINS|1893|, Donegal, Ireland
Margaret BROOKINS|1886|, Donegal, Ireland
Mary Ann BROOKINS|1888|, Donegal, Ireland
Mary Jane BROOKINS|1869|Moville, Donegal, Ireland
Richard BROOKINS||
Richard BROOKINS|1867|upper Moville, Donegal, Ireland
Richard BROOKINS|1871|Moville, Donegal, Ireland
Robert John BROOKINS|1894|, Donegal, Ireland
Samuel BROOKINS|1835|, Donegal, Ireland
Samuel BROOKINS|1865|, Donegal, Ireland
Sarah Jane BROOKINS|1891|, Donegal, Ireland
William BROOKINS|1820|, Donegal, Ireland
William BROOKINS||
William James BROOKINS|1883|, Donegal, Ireland
William James BROOKINS|1863|Moville, Donegal, Ireland
Ellen Jane BROOKS|1854|, Donegal, Ireland
James BROOKS||
Mary BROOKS|1868|, Donegal, Ireland
Samuel BROOKS|1901|, Donegal, Ireland
Sarah Anne BROOKS|1903|, Donegal, Ireland
Margaret KILGORE||
William KILGORE||
Robert LITTLE||
John PARK||
Sarah PARK||
Martha PORTER|1840|, Donegal, Ireland
Thomas WALKER||