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History Template McLellan of Fortingall

McLellan Genealogy from 1906 Research

This tree starts with genealogy work commissioned in 1906.  The genealogy tree is titled:

"CHART of the Families of McIleolan or McLellan, chiefly in Glenlyon, Fortingall, and the United States of America; compiled from local sources, from the Parish Registers of Fortingall, Dull and Killin, as well as a Chart of the American Branch, as furnished by Mrs Clara McLellan (Mrs Richmond), Geneseo, Illinois; for Hugh McLellan, Glenlyon House, and Andrew McLellan, Door Villiage, Indiana, January 1906"

And, at the bottom margin, "A. C. Cameron, M. A., LL,D., Edinburgh, Compiler."

Unfortunately, any report that might have accompanied the chart has not survived to the present - at least, not in this family!  If anyone knows of the existence of a copy, it would be much appreciated.

McLellans in LaPorte, Indiana

Additionally, History of LaPorte County, Indiana (Chas. C. Chapman & Co., 1880) provided McLellan family details not only for those living in Indiana, but also for family members in New Hampshire and Michigan. That information has been incorporated into the tree.

Extended research has gathered more information, often confirming the 1906 research.