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East London Weavers & Fishmongers


Edward Coverly, and his twin, Joseph, were born 5 Sep 1769 - the eighth & ninth children of Roger de & Joyce (Mason) Coverly.  His father and grandfather were liverymen in the Weaver's Company.  Roger died in July 1779, leaving Joyce to care for eleven children.  With the help of her brother, Leeds Mason, she eventually enrolled three of her children in a charitable school, Christ's Hospital.  Joyce died in 1783, and her brother Leeds continued to assist her children, arranging apprenticeships for at least three of the boys.


Leeds himself was a Fishmonger, and eventually became the Company's Prime Warden.  Two of the Coverly boys became Fishmongers.  Edward was made Free of the Fishmonger's Company on 3 Feb 1791.  On 7 Feb 1799 he was selected to be the Under Beadle of the Fishmonger's Company, then in 1806 the Upper Beadle.  He left the position in 1816 to manage his own shop.  Several of his children became Fishmongers, but not all.  His eldest surviving son, George Edward, emigrated to Canada;  his daughter Phebe and her husband, to Brooklyn, New York.